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The most beautiful spring decoration trends from DecoWoerner

In this category you will find both the latest trends and years of top sellers for your spring decoration & Easter decoration from our range. In spring, the season when it gets warmer again, both flora and fauna come back to life. The plants grow and blossom, the animals become more active and venture out again. Accordingly, the representatives of both kingdoms must not be missing from your spring decorations. Thanks to the huge selection of over 200 spring-like artificial plants, spring is also coming to your sales floor. You can choose between trees, branches, flowers, blossoms, tendrils, panels and scattered blossoms.

The animal kingdom is represented in the spring decoration by colourful songbirds, birds of paradise and decorative insects. Butterflies dominate with over 100 specimens - different in colour, material and size. The butterflies bring lightness, harmony and a positive mood to your sales rooms and shop windows. They attract attention and invite you to linger.

Easter eggs and Easter bunnies have become indispensable as classic decorative items for Easter. A huge selection of different materials, many sizes, shapes and colours is available. Easter eggs are available as Easter egg chains, hangers, chalkboards, large egg shells, made of sisal, in a gigantic 220 cm high version as a jumbo deco egg and in many other variations. Easter bunnies cavort sitting, standing and climbing, in shiny metallic paint, made of acrylic, wood and sisal, in XXL size made of fibreglass and in nostalgic look with carrot and basket on the back. Signal, neon, mother-of-pearl or pastel colours are on offer, but also dots, stripes, flowers and checks decorate the surfaces.

Beautiful Easter and spring textile prints, banners and greeting prints are used in the background and give your sales area more space. In many visual merchandising concepts, the banners also fulfil their role perfectly as room dividers. Our decoration ideas for spring and Easter bring a fresh breeze to your sales floor and shop window every year.

Your DecoWoerner Team!