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    Evergreen and always beautiful: decorative grasses for more feel-good ambience

    Greenery makes you happy - that has even been scientifically proven. For example, people who live in a natural environment have fewer depressions. People in hospital who look out of their window into greenery recover more quickly than those who look at house facades. Humans originate from nature, are still part of it and therefore respond strongly to natural stimuli. Although artificial plants and decorative grasses cannot produce oxygen, they are otherwise in no way inferior to their originals. The mere sight of them calms and invigorates at the same time, clears the mind and lowers our stress level. That is why you should place as many green plants as possible in offices and representative rooms, doctors' surgeries, hotels, wellness areas, waiting rooms, foyers, restaurants, shop windows, shops and your own home. If you don't have enough time to care for them, favourable light conditions or a green thumb, there is still no reason to do without. Our decorative grasses always look good, but do not require any work. 

    The advantages of DecoWoerner artificial grass over the original

    • Artificial grasses do not need to be fertilised, watered, repotted or cut back. 
    • This saves time, work and costs.
    • They do not wither and do not develop brown shoots. 
    • Our decorative grass looks fresh and alive 365 days a year.
    • You can also place our artificial grass in dark, shady corners with little light.
    • Deco grasses survive any holiday or days of absence.
    • Deco grass is suitable all year round or can only be decorated for certain occasions/seasons. 
    • DecoWoerner artificial grasses look as if they were taken directly from nature. The deceptively real effect is achieved by using different materials and colours.

    Deco grasses in different designs - as a bundle, in a pot, in different sizes

    Our lifelike artificial grasses are available in different sizes. Depending on whether you want to use them as table decorations, shelf and floor decorations or room dividers. Our artificial grasses cover a range from 30 cm to 150 cm. This allows you to give rooms an extremely individual design touch. Best of all, our decorative grasses fit in with every conceivable interior thanks to their filigree, slender growth. Whether minimalism, feng shui, modern, rustic, Asian or Mediterranean - you will always hit the mark with our decorative artificial grass. Or rather into the green ...

    What's more, you can get our artificial grass in different designs, for example as a bundle. Let your creativity run free. Place the bundles in larger planters, tubs or vases, together with other artificial flowers, decorative branches and artificial twigs. The best way to round them off is with seasonal accessories - from Easter eggs to shells to artificial autumn leaves. Our artificial grass is also available in colour-coordinated pots. This variant is particularly practical, as you can place our decorative artificial grass directly in the desired location and reposition or regroup it again and again. Our tall decorative grass again offers you new possibilities for creative interior greening. With a height of 1.2 to 1.5 m, our high decorative grass is suitable as a room divider and privacy screen. They can also be used in combination with our artificial trees. These are up to 2.2 m high. They cut an excellent figure in shop windows, foyers and large entrance areas.  

    Extremely attractive: decorative pampas grass brings feathery lushness to plant arrangements 

    Grass blades are long, narrow and filigree. They exude a subtle elegance that is always timelessly beautiful. But perhaps you would like to add a soft nuance? Something bushy, light, exotic? Something that catches the eye? Our decorative pampas grass is exactly what you are looking for. The texture of pampas grass is reminiscent of delicate down or decorative feather dusters and has an almost fairy-like beauty. Our decorative pampas grass is a pleasing sight both on its own and as a crowning element in combination with other decorative grasses. To top it off, you can get this jack-of-all-trades of design in a variety of colours. For a perfect interior decor that is harmonious down to the smallest detail. Our decorative pampas grass is available in one piece, in pots and in tall sizes. This makes it perfect for placing in vases, tubs and plant arrangements in combination with other artificial flowers from DecoWoerner.  
    Pampas grasses originate from South America and New Zealand, where they grow on sandy and alluvial soils in tropical to temperate zones. Due to its white, large flower panicles, the most common species is also called silver pampas grass. On the one hand, pampas grass enhances simple, clearly structured designs. On the other hand, it goes perfectly with exotic décor and a sophisticated wellness and feel-good ambience. 

    Botanical diversity: Combine decorative grass with other artificial plants.

    Our artificial grass can be perfectly combined with other artificial plants. Arrange it in all kinds of size and colour combinations to create flowery decorations that will accompany you through different seasons. You can round off windows, entrance areas or planters with our artificial flower garlands and vines. The range extends from field flower and flower garlands in spring, rose and ivy garlands in summer, maple and berry vines in autumn to winter fir garlands. Our garlands nestle very attractively along railings and pillars. Whether fern, amaryllis, orchid, lavender, agave, thyme, cactus, bonsai - our wide range of artificial houseplants will delight you. Because it is bursting with possibilities to arrange them in combination with decorative artificial grass on windowsills, shelves or tables. 

    Tip: First consider the location (and thus the available space and size), then the colour scheme, then the intention (seasonal or year-round) and then get started with your floral planning. 

    Tall artificial grass as decoration for shops and common areas

    Wherever people meet, plants are an excellent link to promote communication as well as a pleasant climate. In larger rooms such as entrance areas, foyers, guest rooms, restaurants, spacious wellness areas, exhibition halls as well as large-scale shop window fronts, it is best to choose our decorative artificial grass in the tall version. You can decorate it in pots with our artificial trees. From the palm tree to the cherry blossom tree to the autumn maple, we convince with a large portfolio, suitable for every season! Place the tall decorative grasses in pots directly in front of the shop window and add decorative accessories in the same colour and matching plant garlands hanging in front of the glass front. To green up your surroundings, we recommend artificial grass and artificial moss from DecoWoerner. 

    On festive tables or conference tables, small versions of decorative grasses look very appealing in combination with elongated draped flower tendrils in the centre of the table. Crown the side tables in waiting rooms or the reception of doctors' surgeries with the graceful beauties in pots - and your customers and patients will immediately be in good spirits. Surround your mannequins with artificial grasses with exotic flowers to represent holiday and beach themes. The possibilities of our decorative artificial grasses are seemingly endless. We mean that literally. While natural plants wither, our artificial plants and decorative grasses always bloom in the most beautiful splendour.  

    Artificial grasses for the home: create an inviting room ambience

    You don't have a green thumb? No problem. Our perennial favourites and perennial bloomers among the decorative grasses require neither water nor care. A dusting every now and then is enough. Due to its slender growth form, our decorative artificial grass also fits into small rooms or dark corners. Especially the latter need a splash of colour. But real plants often do not thrive in shady locations. Artificial grass and decorative pampas grass in colours like orange, red and purple, with patterns like tiger grass or lush flowers immediately make any room more friendly. Even bathrooms, toilets or study rooms, which are often rather neglected when it comes to plants, benefit from the floral splashes of colour. 

    Our decorative grass suits every style of living. In addition, we offer many seasonal decorative accessories that keep your plant arrangements up-to-date and exciting. Whether butterfly clip, scarecrow plug, small decorative birds, Easter eggs, Christmas balls and star hangers: Round off your plant arrangements with small special features depending on the season.