Christmas garlands

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    Christmas garlands from DecoWoerner - the perfect Christmas decoration.

    A Christmas celebration without Christmas decorations is simply not the same, because Christmas garlands and treats such as punch, gingerbread and biscuits are what create the ultimate Christmas mood. To create a happy and blissful mood in your own four walls, it is best to decorate one room at a time. The preferred placement of the Christmas classics differs from family to family: some make room in the living room for the artificial Christmas tree, others prefer it in the hallway or foyer, and still others simply decorate their own fir tree in the garden with shatter-proof plastic Christmas balls so that neither child nor dog can injure themselves playing in the snow. Christmas garlands are much more versatile and flexible, because unlike traditional decorations, they can be used in a wide variety of places. Why not complement the Christmas fairy lights and Christmas trees with artificial Christmas garlands this year? There are countless creative ways to use them, not only on the banister or the fireplace at home, but also on doors, windows and pillars.

    Christmas garlands for outdoors

    Christmas and its traditions are deeply embedded in our cultural DNA, hence the great interest in Christmas decorations and fir trees. Fir branches tied together to form fir garlands or Christmas garlands are a real classic at Christmas time. The only problem is that they throw needles, take a lot of time to make and can only be used for one season. Almost a pity for all the work. But have you ever thought about artificial Christmas garlands? The advantage here is not only that they are available in all kinds of sizes and designs, but also that they are absolutely easy to care for. The modern vines and garlands do not throw needles and are sometimes hardly distinguishable from the original, depending on the chosen design. Whether traditional needles made of high-quality Luvi foil or fir branch tips made of injection moulding, which are modelled on nature, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled at DecoWoerner. Basically, Christmas garlands made of Luvi foil are lighter than tendrils made of injection moulding, which is why they are better suited for decorating at height or on pillars. This year, why not use weatherproof Christmas garlands to decorate your fence and garden gate with festive decorations? These are of course available with and without lights, because atmospheric lights on a cold night create a festive and romantic atmosphere and make an impression on the neighbours.

    Decorated Christmas garlands for indoors

    Since time immemorial, people have associated evergreen plants with vitality and health. Hence the custom of decorating one's home with green plants to bring health into the house and to keep away evil spirits. So it's no wonder that around Christmas time we decorate our homes and yards with fir branches, vines and wreaths. Christmas garlands are practical and popular, especially for indoors, because they are available in countless designs, from simple artificial fir garlands to richly decorated with Christmas tree balls, cones, Christmas stars and red berries. Inside, the Christmas vines are perfect not only to entwine tables and chests of drawers, but also as decorative elements on cupboards and doors. Christmas garlands with snow, light and a touch of glitter are particularly frosty and beautiful, as they add extra sparkle. This guarantees a wonderful atmosphere for the festive season with your loved ones. For example, you can decorate the staircase in a classic way with a wintry vine. Garlands and vines can be wound around the handrail of your staircase and offer extra space to put your Christmas decorations and baubles in the limelight. This way, not only the living room with its imposing fir tree is festively decorated, but the whole house will sparkle with Christmas. Insider tip: This year, why not use ready-decorated Christmas garlands for your Christmas decorations? All you have to do is drape them and bend them up slightly, which saves a lot of work. And after the festivities? Simply unwind them and store them in a box until the next festive season. Done!

    Illuminated Christmas garlands for a quick Christmas decoration

    Around Christmas, warmly lit lights are almost a must, because they lend rooms a cosy warmth and festive mood. Especially with garlands and vines, it can take a lot of time to evenly incorporate the many hundreds of small points of light. Christmas garlands with LEDs are a good option if you want to save yourself the effort. Depending on the design, the integrated light chains can even be coupled so that you can link several fir garlands together. When choosing the right illuminated Christmas garland, you should briefly think about where you want to use the garland before buying it. Of course, you can always use illuminated garlands for outdoors indoors, but it is not possible to use them outdoors with Christmas garlands with fairy lights for indoors. The connection to a power source should also be briefly considered, because in addition to the popular Christmas garlands with plugs, there are of course also versions with batteries. At DecoWoerner you will find a large selection of different Christmas garlands, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect garland for you. We hope you enjoy browsing and decorating and wish you a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.