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Ho ho ho - Christmas decorations for the most beautiful celebration of the year

The days are getting shorter and shorter, the city smells of food and all the streets in the city centres are decorated with Christmas lights and artificial fir garlands. The last weeks of the year are often the most beautiful, filled with delicious smells of hot punch and fine biscuits. There is a smell of fir trees and fresh wood. The atmospheric illumination of the dark nights, with warm white fairy lights as well as the play of light in the shiny Christmas baubles brings warmth and light into our hearts. What would Christmas be without Christmas decorations? For us at DecoWoerner, it is important to help you make Christmas a successful celebration and the most wonderful time of the year. In our assortment you will find many wonderful Christmas decoration articles that help to dispel the coldness of the season and make your home even cosier. Christmas decorations range from small decorative gnomes to traditional glass Christmas balls. With us, you will not only find your perfect artificial Christmas tree, but you will also receive expert advice so that you can enjoy your ornaments and tree for many years to come.

Festive items for your shop window: huge selection in our Christmas decoration online shop

What time of year is automatically associated with gift-giving? Quite clearly, it's the Christmas season. When retailers are all decked out in festive finery and shop windows are sparkling, you should reach for a special Christmas decoration to stand out from the crowd. Shine with witty, elegant and atmospheric Christmas decorations from DecoWoerner from XS to XL. With us, there's nothing that doesn't exist! See for yourself.

What time is automatically associated with gift giving? Clearly, it's the Christmas season. When retailers are all decked out in festive finery and shop windows are sparkling, you should reach for a special Christmas decoration to stand out from the crowd. Shine with witty, elegant and atmospheric Christmas decorations from DecoWoerner from XS to XL. With us, there's nothing that doesn't exist! See for yourself.

The heart of your Christmas and Advent decorations is the festively decorated Christmas tree, which can fully unfold its magic in the shop window. It is, so to speak, the white canvas on which you can give free rein to your creativity. In our Christmas decoration online shop, you can expect many high-quality artificial Christmas trees in different sizes, sometimes in lush green, sometimes artificially snowed with glittering white. Some Christmas trees are decorated with an LED light chain, some can be hung. Once the tree is chosen, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty, because now you're spoilt for choice. Our range of Christmas baubles is arguably second to none. Choose between high-quality glass baubles or shatterproof plastic Christmas tree baubles. Decide between matt, shiny and glittery, whether single-coloured or with Christmas ornaments and animal-like motifs. Our variety of colours is also outstanding. From rich burgundy to delicate pastel, from frosty ice blue to warm gold, we cover the entire palette. You can even find minimalist-looking black Christmas tree baubles in our Christmas decoration online shop. Rounded off with other Christmas decorations such as bows, fairy lights, Christmas garlands and poinsettias, you can create an eye-catcher par excellence.
Tip: Those who are short on time can use our Christmas trees that are already decorated with bows and lights.

Light sources are particularly important for your shop window decorations. After all, in the cold season, darkness falls on the shopping miles already in the early afternoon. Our indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting not only provides visibility for your products, but also cosiness and warmth. To evenly illuminate a large shop window front, fairy lights on the glass front are particularly suitable. Illuminated poinsettias and LED garlands set accents at specific points. 
You don't just want to offer your customers Christmas decorations, but also to transport them to a festive winter wonderland? You can create this in no time at all by placing one of our flame-retardant, wrinkle-free Christmas banners at your point of sale. The Christmas motifs range from wintry landscapes to fireside romance and Christmas biscuits to Santa Claus in action.  

Atmospheric Christmas decorations for indoors and outdoors

There are surprisingly many ways to complement or expand your indoor Christmas decorations with outdoor Christmas decorations. Windows are very grateful for this, because properly decorated, they not only create a Christmas atmosphere within your own four walls, but also spread Christmas cheer from the outside. Light is the secret here. Decorate your window, for example, with a cluster light chain for lots of light or complement your favourite Christmas decorations with a beautiful wire light chain. The bright light directly in the window prevents neighbours and passers-by from looking into your home, so the curtains can happily remain open. Artificial Christmas wreaths or door wreaths are a particularly friendly way to welcome guests during the Christmas season, as they look inviting and homely. They also look great in combination with artificial fir garlands, which nestle elegantly and festively around banisters, balustrades or columns. Decorated for Christmas with sleighs, lights and Christmas tree baubles, you are guaranteed to make an impression on your neighbours. Or why not go for an artificial, snow-covered fir garland, then you can enjoy the sugary snow every day, even when there is none outside. By the way, the classic Christmas decoration, the artificial fir tree, is also available for outside, to complement the garden with an illuminated and perfectly grown fir tree. Of course, all outdoor decorations can also be used indoors. This means you can always reposition your Christmas decorations either inside or outside.

The most beautiful Christmas decorations for your home

Are you already in the Christmas mood but haven't yet found the right inspiration for this year's Christmas decorations? At DecoWoerner you'll find Christmas decorating ideas galore, with practical decorating tips and the right Christmas decorating items to implement at home. Decorating for Christmas is surprisingly easy, because there really are no rules. You may and should do what you like. Your favourite colour is white? Then keep your Christmas decorations white. Do you like it colourful? Then go for an interplay of different colours this year. The same applies to decorating the Christmas tree, because it doesn't always have to be classic Christmas baubles. You can and should put anything on the tree that makes you happy and reminds you of Christmas. Add to your tree decorations, for example, self-made elements or unusual decorative pendants that reflect your personality. It will automatically be most beautiful if you like the Christmas decorations yourself. And if you don't know what you want to hang on the tree, try the classics: Christmas stars, pine cones, red baubles and LED candles. If you don't have room for a Christmas tree, you can also fall back on Christmas garlands and wreaths. These can be decorated as the mood takes you, ennoble the festive table and make excellent door or window decorations.  

Modern Christmas decorations: these are the current trends

Modular and flexible, sustainable and conceptual, expressive and full of colourful brilliance - these are the most important keywords of the current Christmas decoration trends. The Christmas decorations from DecoWoerner take all this into account. Our products impress with their high quality (e.g. unbreakable and flame retardant) and are therefore long-lasting. They can be varied and extended in an infinite number of combinations. Perfectly coordinated, they tell stories and take you away to worlds of your own. For all those who want not only decoration, but concepts!
Traditional colour combinations never go out of fashion. It becomes natural and homely with the classic red-green-gold combination, which fits in well with the country house style and looks particularly harmonious with wooden elements. Red-gold looks classically elegant, while red-white comes across as fresher and more youthful. 

More trends:

  • Father Christmas becomes Father Christmas: The American X-Mas trend has long since reached Christmas decorations. It should be big, colourful and glittery, a little bit of everything and even a little bit more. Think big is the motto. 
  • Candy X-Mas: pastel, pop, cute. Rounded off with lots of decorative lollipops and sweets. Biscuit motifs, for example in the form of a Christmas banner, also fit perfectly. 
  • Blue-gold: The alternative to red-gold, which goes perfectly with modern interior styles with marble, stainless steel, white and the hygge Scandinavian look. Rounded off with decorative snow and snowmen from our winter decorations, you can create icy landscapes.
  • Purple: Absolutely Sophisticated. For trendsetters who prefer a minimalist approach to Christmas. Noble and reduced at the same time, purple is also an absolutely spiritual colour - across all religions. 

XXL Christmas decorations for indoors and outdoors - the ultimate eye-catchers

Sometimes it has to be a little more. In large rooms such as shopping centres or exhibition halls as well as in foyers and entrance areas, XXL Christmas decorations are appropriate. After all, it should radiate throughout the entire environment. Placed outdoors, our XXL Christmas decorations act as a magnet for passers-by and prospective customers. The Christmas decorations in our online shop are perfect for making a grand entrance. 

In addition to our dense, lush Christmas trees, you can also get XXL bows and baubles as well as XXL light objects to round off the scenery in an atmospheric way. Another centrepiece are our life-size XXL decorations and figures: choose between deer and stags, nutcrackers and soldiers, Santas and angels. You can place these both indoors and outdoors. Add to this an XXL throne in different colours - one of our best sellers - to present your Christmas highlights in an appealing way. Royal delights are "in". At the same time, a throne symbolises the best of the best. Displays, metal objects and tarpaulin banners with beautiful, wintery-Christmas motifs are also available in the XXL version in our Christmas decoration online shop. 
You have big plans? We at DecoWoerner have the right Christmas decoration!