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    Christmas baubles from DecoWoerner in endless variety – now it's time to get around!

    Christmas is just around the corner and you can feel it in your fingertips: the tingling and anticipation of decorating. Nothing works without them: Christmas baubles are the be-all and end-all of every Christmas decoration. They set the necessary colour accents and can conjure up completely new atmospheric worlds in any room by selecting the appropriate colours. In addition, the spheres are able to reflect light reflections from candles or fairy lights on their surfaces. The result is a harmonious overall concept that invites you to dream, celebrate and enjoy. Our range of Christmas baubles offers you endless possibilities to stage Christmas again and again. Whether for indoors or outdoors, whether for small Advent arrangements or full-grown blue man firs, whether for shop windows or living rooms - our Christmas baubles fit always and everywhere. To help you keep track of our variety, we will guide you to your perfect Christmas baubles – suitable in terms of colour, style, material, size and location. Our clear guide makes it easier than ever for you! Follow us step by step – success is guaranteed, we promise! 

    Classic or playful? Christmas baubles in numerous coloursand designs

    The choice of colours and designs is based on your personal colour preferences. On the other hand, the colors should harmonize with the environment, style and interior of the room. 

    Step 1: Choose the colour of the baubles 


    The colour combination of red and gold can be described as a classic par excellence. Why? Red is the complementary color to green fir branches. In this way, both colour worlds make each other shine. Since red is a warming colour, gold is the best festive highlight nuance, as gold is also associated with warm colours. Tip: If you want to bring a little more life into the game, make full use of the colour wheel of our DecoWoerner Christmas baubles. From copper to dark red, from fir to lime green, from champagne to dark gold, there are many nuances that bring a little more pep to the popular classic.


    Arrangements with snow-covered Christmas branches harmonise with classic combinations of cool colours. Christmas baubles in the classic blue-white-silver combination, which you can round off with cool pink or refreshing aqua green, look particularly hyggelig. Rooms that are kept in industrial chic or shine with lots of marble, steel and metal also benefit from this frosty, festive atmosphere.


    Dare to try completely new colour combinations to give your Christmas decorations an individual touch. How about cute candy colors like pink, purple and orchid? If you love it minimalist, dark, rich tones such as midnight blue, mocha or black will delight you. Do you want to translate the term tree decoration literally? Then stay in the metallic world between gold, silver and copper. 

    Step 2: Choose the design of the baubles

    Once you have made your choice of colour, it is time to make a selection from a variety of designs:

    • classic, round and monochrome Christmas tree baubles as evergreens of good taste
    • playful Christmas baubles with motifs such as dots, stars, reindeer, seals, owls
    • fancy shaped Christmas balls or rather pendants, e.g. in the shape of a heart, as a star, rose, Santa Claus or bird
    • crystal-clear decorative balls for individual filling,  e.g. with artificial snow, berries, scattered stars, etc.

    Step 3: Choose the surface of the Christmas baubles 

    Choose between:

           matt surface              glossy surface                    glitter surface                    metallic surface               transparent surface

    Which material would you like? 

    Depending on where you place the baubles (indoor or outdoor), how busy the environment is (children, animals, areas with a lot of traffic) or on which decorative items you want to place the baubles (weight of the baubles), you can choose between three basic materials.

    Step 4: Choose the right material for your Christmas baubles

    • Glass baubles are the most elegant option. They look timelessly noble and high-quality. Many people associate glass balls with fond childhood memories. The material simply fits well in the hand. In addition, numerous motifs are still lovingly handcrafted on glass balls. A beautiful variant for nostalgics and luxury lovers.
    • Plastic Christmas baubles  are now almost indistinguishable from the glass ball with the naked eye and are available in all kinds of colors and designs. Flame retardant plastic is the premier class for Christmas baubles, which have to withstand all kinds of conditions. They are weather-resistant and can survive a fall unscathed. This makes them ideal for outdoor use as well as for busy areas such as hotel lobbies, foyers, shopping arcades and office corridors. In households or environments where children and animals are present, these Christmas baubles are the preferred choice, if only to minimize the risk of injury from broken glass. 

    Nice and weatherproof? Indoor and outdoor Christmas tree baubles

    Do you want to decorate entrances and doors? Or decorate the tree in the garden, for example in conjunction with a beautiful LED light chain? 

    Step 5: Determine the place of decoration

    Depending on whether you want to decorate your Christmas baubles indoors or outdoors, some variants are more suitable than others. In principle, all Christmas baubles from DecoWoerner are conceivable for outdoor use. However, glass balls for outdoor use should be used with caution. Although they are weather-resistant, they are not shatterproof. That's why you should only place glass balls outdoors in an extremely wind-protected place. 

    On the other hand, Christmas baubles made of flame-retardant, shatterproof plastic are excellent. If they fall to the ground, they will still remain whole. Even frost or heavy rain will not harm you. To ensure that you can enjoy them for a long time, you should make sure that the Christmas baubles are securely attached outdoors. This will prevent you from laboriously collecting the Christmas tree baubles after every gust of wind. The balls should be placed as centrally as possible on the branch and not at the end of the branch. For outdoor use, S-trailers alone are usually not enough. It is better to tie the Christmas baubles to the branches with well-fitting loops. 

    Always suitable – Christmas baubles from XS to XL

    In our huge range of Christmas baubles you will find sizes with a diameter of 6, 8, 10, 15 and 20 cm. But which size is suitable for what?

    Step 6: Determine the right size of the Christmas baubles 

    Smaller Christmas baubles with a diameter of 6 or 8 cm are suitable for Christmas decorations, vases, table decorations, gift baskets or for decorating presents. When decorating artificial Christmas wreaths or Christmas garlands,  you should also make sure that the baubles are not too big, so that there is still room for other decorative elements such as decorative poinsettias

    For artificial Christmas trees, many small or a few large baubles are suitable to catch the eye from afar. The appropriate size depends, for example, on the shape of the tree. Dense, puffy Christmas trees can tolerate larger baubles than slender Christmas trees. 

    For the shop window or the point-of-sale, the following applies – bigger is better! This will make you stand out from the competition and prevent the festive splashes of colour from getting lost in large rooms. The same applies to shopping arcades, foyers and lobbies, open-plan offices, entrance areas or large-scale sales rooms. If you use Christmas baubles as a solo element, for example to hang them directly on a curtain rod or place them in the middle of a bowl, you should choose one with the largest possible diameter. 

    Tip: For those who are in a hurry or who lack a decorative muse, we recommend our ball mix sets & festive tree decorations. Here we have already taken care of the coordination of colors and designs for you. 

    Atmospheric atmosphere with the right light and Christmas decoration Christmas

    baubles immediately catch the eye, due to their colour or their shiny or glittering surface. However, Christmas baubles can only fully unfold their incomparable charm if they are decorated with the right combination partners.

    7. Choose the right combination partners for your Christmas decorations

    Christmas baubles exude pure magic. This is not only due to their respective colors, but above all to their iridescent effects. In particular, shiny or glittering Christmas baubles catch the light and provide fantastic reflections. Conversely, this means that you should always place a light source near your Christmas baubles. For example,  our Christmas light chains as  well as our Christmas light curtains and light nets are ideally suited for this. To ensure that Christmas baubles 

    do not just remain attractive splashes of colour, but become an integral part of a decoration concept, it is important to take up the colour scheme of the Christmas baubles in the rest of the Christmas decorations and to continue them in terms of colour or theme. We would like to give you a few suggestions.- 

    • The natural "forest look" of Christmas baubles in red, green and gold is perfectly rounded off by decorative wooden elements such as sleighs and baskets, jute sacks, artificial berries and leaf anques as well as decorative animals around reindeer and deer. 
    • Christmas baubles in blue, silver and purple tones harmonize perfectly with snowmen, angel figurines, magical gnomes, ice crystal pendants and metallic elements.
    • Christmas baubles in delicate powder colors are complemented by the candy look with gingerbread,  Lollipops and candy canes irresistibly rounded.
    • Christmas baubles in gold and silver are given an additional glamour factor by other decorative elements such as loops, decorative gemstones, a baroque throne and golden nutcracker figures. 

    All right? Then let's go to our practical decoration planner!

    You know what you want? Well, then it's just a matter of thinking about how much!

    Step 8: Determine the amount of Christmas baubles you need for your

    Christmas tree Especially with larger decorative objects such as Christmas trees, it is not so easy to estimate at first glance how many Christmas tree baubles you need to achieve respectable effects. In this practical decoration planner, we have recorded for you at a glance how many Christmas baubles and fairy lights you need for which tree size.  

    Decoration planner: Guidelines for decorating artificial Christmas trees

    How many and which Christmas baubles are needed for your artificial Christmas tree?

    Tree size Baubles 6 cm Ø Baubles 8 cm Ø Baubles 10 cm Ø
    150 cm 50 30 -
    180 cm 60 36 -
    210 cm 64 40 16
    240 cm 78 69 48
    300 cm - 84 72






    How many LED lights do you need for your artificial Christmas tree?

    Tree size Standard Sparkle Extra Sparkle Super Sparkle
    100 cm 50 100 150
    120 cm 100 150 200
    150 cm 150 200 400
    180 cm 250 400 500
    210 cm 400 500 600
    240 cm 500 600 800
    280 cm 600 800 1000
    300 cm 800 1000 1200
    330 cm 1000 1200 1500
    370 cm 1200 1500 1800
    390 cm 1500 1800 2000
    420 cm 1800 2000 2500
    450 cm 2000 2500 3000
    600 cm 2500 3000 3500
    910 cm 3000 3500 4000
    1200 cm 3500 4000 4500
    1500 cm 4000 4500 5000













    Correct storage of Christmas baubles

    The beauty of the high-quality Christmas baubles from DecoWoerner is that they are particularly durable. Year after year, you can use it to create an enchanting festive atmosphere and vary it again and again. To ensure that the baubles survive the rest of the year, you should always keep them in their original packaging after use. Place them in a quiet place, out of reach of children and animals, for example in the basement, attic or on high cabinets. Avoid stacking multiple boxes on top of each other. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy our Christmas baubles for a long time to come.