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Enchanting winter decoration: Create a white Magic Wonderland!

With our winter decorations, you can make the dark season more enchanting, elegant and cheerful. Because between December and February, nature is often stingy with its charms. Help it out. Transform your home into a cosy place where the whole family can gather. Design your point of sale in such a way that you are guaranteed to lure your customers out from behind the (fireplace) stove. Make your office or practice more inviting. Our winter decorations for indoors and outdoors can be wonderfully combined with our Christmas decorations. After the festive season, winter decorations also cut a fine figure on their own. 

Whether artificial firs, iced garlands, decorative winter animals, decorative snow or banners with winter motifs: At DecoWoerner, you will find classics as well as cutting-edge trends, suitable for every style and room. Also available in XL format to create eye-catching decorations in foyers and shop windows. Create your own personal winter magic wonderland!

Winter decorations for the festive season: Your White Christmas can come.

You can't always rely on the weather. But you can rely on DecoWoerner. You can easily fulfil your dream of a white Christmas yourself with 100% snow certainty. With our wide variety of wintry decorative items, you can give your Christmas decorations a beautiful frosty finish reminiscent of an enchanted fairytale forest. From window decorations to table decorations, for your home or your salesrooms, we offer you a wide range of products that will leave nothing to be desired. What's more, our decorative articles can be combined and varied with each other in the best possible way. Refine your Christmas decorations, for example, with the following elements from our winter decorations:

  • Scattered snow, snowballs and mouldable decorative snow as white decoration basics.
  • snowflakes, ice crystals and cones as punctual highlights
  • Snow-covered trees, garlands and wreaths as a design surface for Christmas decorations 
  • Polar bears, snowy owls, penguins, snowmen as sympathetic figures
  • Winter sports articles such as skis, gondolas, sledges and ice skates for more dynamism
  • Winter and Christmas banners (some of them flame retardant) as large-scale eye-catchers 

At DecoWoerner, your specialist for decoration and shop design, you will find a huge selection of Christmas baubles in matt, gloss and glitter optics, available in every conceivable colour. In addition, there are other Christmas decoration articles, sometimes classic, sometimes minimalist, sometimes vintage, sometimes romantic. The winter decoration serves as a link or optical bracket that harmoniously rounds off the variety of colours and shapes of the Christmas decoration. This allows individual elements to really come into their own without appearing too colourful or overloaded. 

Up to date in no time - winter decoration after Christmas

After the festive season, a few simple steps are all it takes to update the decorations. With winter decoration, the focus rests on the natural or sporty aspect. The design is calmer, more natural and less colourful. You can add a lot of dynamism to your decorations by arranging sports equipment such as skis, snowshoes, toboggans and ice skates. Our decorative sledges are available in a high-quality metal and wood look. A sight that enchants with rustic charm and evokes nostalgic childhood memories in many viewers. In this way, you make it clear: the cold season also has many advantages to offer!

Our tip: The most important elements of your winter decoration include decorative snow, snow fleece and snow spray and wintry artificial plants such as iced fir trees or branches. After the Christmas season, simply change the tree decorations and accessories. In other words, replace the tinsel and baubles with pine cones, Father Christmas with a snowman, and the gift packages with decorative sleighs - and you're done! This is how you create enchanting winter decorations after Christmas with little effort. 

You want to make it even easier? In our shop you will also find neutral decorative items that always fit the entire Christmas and winter season. These include LED deco trees, ice floes, funny winter gnomes and cute snow animals. Rounded off with ice crystal pendants, mouldable decorative snow or decorative ice cubes, you can stage your personal winter fairytale. And don't forget: The quickest way to conjure up a wintry atmosphere is with our wrinkle-free, flame-retardant winter banners, which are very easy to attach. 

Winter decoration for shop windows, point of sale and business areas

It's obvious: no winter decoration without white. This colour conveys the cold season at first glance. But how do you get a large area like a shop window gleaming white? We at DecoWoerner offer intelligent solutions.  

Our tip: Use snow mats. These are ideal for covering a coloured surface quickly and evenly. They are supplied on easy-to-handle rolls. The best way to cover walls is with our high-quality, wrinkle-free fabric banners, which get to the heart of the theme with wintery motifs. Whether polar sea, snowy fir forest, alpine hut magic or husky sled race - you can choose from a variety of atmospheric winter motifs. Now place elements such as white shelves or wooden shelves, sledges or gondolas in the shop window to present your goods on them. 

It is also important to "snow" the shop window. We offer you a wide variety of options, from 3D snowflakes to scattered snow and snow fleece to mouldable artificial snow.

Add a few glittering highlights such as metal stars or shiny silver baubles, arranged in vases or bowls. This gives your sales area a wintery, elegant look. To bring some warmth into the white colouring, winter animals such as decorative penguins or polar bears as well as soft fabrics are suitable. These include faux fur, flokati, iridescent die-cut foils or chiffon in cool pastel shades. 

To ensure that your shop window decoration also works in the evening, LED trees or fairy lights round off the scenery perfectly. Glittering garlands or ice crystal chains create a winter atmosphere when hung directly on the window pane or from the ceiling. These also look great above festively laid tables in hotels and restaurants. 

With all these elements, you can also decorate waiting and consultation rooms, wellness areas, surgeries and office buildings in an atmospheric way during the cold season.

Heart-warming: a winter decoration makes your home cosy

In winter, we spend most of our time indoors. The home serves as a social hub for games evenings with loved ones, as a culinary meeting place with friends, as a place for family celebrations. But also as a warming oasis for reading evenings and stimulating fireside chats. At winter time, cosiness is of the utmost importance. At DecoWoerner, you will find the right winter decoration for indoors to make your home especially cosy. Suitable for every style of living. Here are a few ideas:

  • Light objects such as LED trees, candle holders, lanterns and fairy lights as well as glitter elements such as diamond snow or glitter stars, brighten up the mood at the dark time of year. Placed at the window, you will also delight your neighbourhood with an atmospheric sight.
  • Winter animals bring a smile to your face. Whether you prefer a playful hockey-playing polar bear or a more elegant version such as a silver decorative penguin made of high-quality fibreglass - you are spoilt for choice.
  • Snow and snowballs, hanging, standing, lying, solo, scattered, strung on chains: decorative snow is a winter basic that offers you numerous creative possibilities.
  • Sledges, snowmen and winter firs are available from us in a wide variety of sizes. Suitable for the entrance area, for the living room, the sideboard, the shelf wall or as table decoration. We also have forest silhouettes made of cotton wool.
  • Enhance vases and bowls with decorative branches, berry vines, stars, pearls, white or silver balls, snowflakes... let your imagination run wild!
  • Embellish your gardens, balconies and terraces with sleigh racks, which you can embellish with wooden objects, lanterns, snow-covered branches and other decorative elements. Our weatherproof animals and figures are also ideal for outdoor use.
  • Practical for those in a hurry: we offer complete winter decoration sets for an extraordinary table decoration at a discount price. 

Think Big! Winter decoration for outdoors, foyers, trade fairs, après-ski parties...

Set eye-catching signals. A winter decoration in the entrance or outdoor area is extremely inviting. It's a real icebreaker that attracts and warmly welcomes customers and guests. At DecoWoerner you will find a variety of products that you can use carefree in outdoor areas. Our XL banners, for example, are made of a flame-retardant truck tarpaulin fabric. Their motif can be seen from a long distance, which makes them particularly interesting for entrance and outdoor areas or large-area spaces such as exhibition halls. Our high-quality decorative animals made of fibreglass with a special paint finish withstand wind and weather. Snowmen, sledges or gondolas also score points for their size and can be used as a presentation surface for goods or brochures at the same time.
Our winter decorations for outdoors are ideal for attracting passers-by, guests or potential customers. Because there is no second chance for a good first impression!