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Winter decoration from DecoWoerner, your specialist for decoration and shop fittings.

This season's winter decoration themes clearly focus on the magic of the cold season. Icy cold and early darkness dissolve into winter sports fun and exciting encounters. The whole variety and magic of the frosty months is shown in imaginative productions. With the winter decoration articles from DekoWoerner, splendid, fascinating and also cheerful winter decoration scenes can be created that whisk customers away to a visual winter holiday. Decorative icicles, decorative snowflakes and decorative snowballs, frost-covered decorative branches, decorative ice stars, decorative snow vines, decorative ice crystals and decorative crystal chandeliers embody the dream of the white wonder winter world. Everything that symbolises frost and cold is used to create a wonderfully wintry ambience. Whether deco ice cave or deco après-ski bar, deco winter forest or deco winter lake - clear, cold white in combination with cool blue brings out the winter magic in all its splendour and elegance. All kinds of winter decorations make their grand appearance this season. Here and there, deco deer or deco rabbits are on the move, but the real decorative winter animals make an appearance more often. Of course, the deco moose trudges through the winter forest, deco arctic fox and deco snowy owl are in. Decorative polar bears and penguins feel very much at home in the Arctic cold. They can be used to decorate fun and appealing scenes with a difference. Deco polar bears playing ice hockey or snowboarding, family reunions of deco penguins on the deco ice floe or an evening rendezvous of deco eagle owl, deco owl and deco reindeer. In winter, anything is possible. With antique deco skis, deco ice skates or deco snowshoes, the flair of former sporting times is reawakened. A sleigh ride is also part of the winter fun. With nostalgic deco sledges, deco furs, deco snowballs and scatter snow, every display becomes an unforgettable winter fairy tale. Primitive figures such as the Deko Waldschrat or the Deko XXL Elk in winter clothing add an adventurous touch to the story. Finally, the snowman has its right to exist again. Very fine with a bow or rustic with a red nose, scarf and broom. If you're really lucky, even the legendary Deko Yeti will appear.


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