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    Decorative light - Lighting objects in the centre of attention - Targeted lighting promotes sales 

    Individual lighting concepts are becoming increasingly popular in the retail trade. Sales psychology findings on customer behaviour in thoughtfully lit rooms have shown that light should not be underestimated as a factor supporting sales. Whereby the size and type of premises must be included in an efficient lighting design just as much as the presentation of goods. Special lighting objects can be used to guide customers in a certain direction, to draw their attention to a special offer or simply to create a pleasant atmosphere in which shopping is fun. Even the entrance zone should be included in the lighting design. This must then be continued consistently in the sales area to achieve a positive overall effect. It is therefore worth investing in lighting design to be perceived better, to stand out attractively and to be remembered positively by customers.
    In the DecoWoerner Online Shop, you will find various ways to create a unique spatial experience with light sources.

    LED light objects for indoor and outdoor use show up here in decorative form or look like an illuminated silhouette. White hemispheres and spirals made of fibreglass mesh, stars, clefs or panels create harmonious flair in rooms or niches with practically invisibly mounted LEDs. Lighting elements for outdoor use can also be used in the form of balls, snowflakes or galactic stars.

    Illuminated objects with a lounge character create a relaxed atmosphere after work and invite people to linger. In cylinder look, as a bistro table with matching bar stools or as a two-coloured snake room divider, as a snack bar or Cubus: with this "illuminated furniture", sober rooms can be transformed into hip party islands, provided that the immediate surroundings are also coordinated accordingly. Light globes, fir trees or even colourfully illuminated wellness stones can be arranged as corner or background illumination. Mirror balls with real glass facets and neon colour tubes exude the ultimate disco flair. The highlight is an open, completely safe fire in the middle of the room. Two yellow and one blue spotlights in a metal bowl bathe everything in a romantic glow and conjure up a cosy atmosphere. Cube-shaped goods displays with backlighting stage the goods and the sales area at the same time - and thus create attractive points of attraction.

    Seeing the surroundings in a different light, directing, designing and advertising with light, setting lighting accents - and thus creating rays of light that create incentives to buy. Atmospherically used light is one of the most effective instruments in the presentation of goods.

    Wonderful light and show effects can be achieved with glow sticks and object light such as our light cubes that can be used as tables or stacked to form metre-high light walls. The application possibilities of this timeless light cube are manifold and can be combined again and again. As an indoor living accessory, it creates a beautiful lounge atmosphere and stylish lighting.


    Your DecoWoerner Team!