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Quickly decorate with beautiful fabric banners

First impressions count everywhere in life, so it should always be a good one. So have you ever thought about textile banners when decorating your home or shop? Not only are they inexpensive and easy to install, but their vibrant colours and beautiful motifs immediately set the mood. However, not all banners are the same, so when choosing the right fabric banner and motif print, there are a few things you should consider. At DecoWoerner, we have specialised in textile banners in different sizes and XXL banners in fabric quality or made of PVC, because the price-performance ratio is simply right here. In the sections below, you will learn more about the different quality features and receive many tips for use at home or in the shop.

Atmospheric decoration with decorative banners

You know how it is when everything is decorated or furnished, but something is still missing. Of course, you could paint or wallpaper the walls, but that is a lot of work and often not very cheap. Textile posters are the quick solution, because they not only look great, but are also inexpensive, easy to store and quick to change. For example, decorate your bedroom with a banner that reminds you of the view from your window, and you will quickly and easily gain an "extra" window with a view of the greenery. Or decorate your walls with atmospheric autumn banners with autumn leaves in warm, bright colours, then you have a friendly colour accent on the wall right away. Or perhaps you like it calming and green? How about a view of the sea or dewy leaves or grasses in lush green. When it comes to the choice of long panels, there is virtually an unlimited selection, so there is guaranteed to be the right one for every mood. And the best thing? You can change the decorative fabric banners within 1-2 minutes and immediately give your room a new "coat of paint".

The positive effect of long banners on customers should not be underestimated in shop window decoration either. After all, we all react to what we see and let it influence us positively or negatively. In the urban jungle of shopping streets, we are increasingly confronted with monotony, everything looks the same. So draw attention to yourself by being strikingly different. Put your customers in the mood so that they feel like shopping. Winter banners with frosty snow landscapes, for example, remind customers that winter is coming and they still need warm winter clothes. With fabric banners, you can set the scene for your mannequins in no time at all and give the shop window an appropriate setting.

Textile posters - Which motif suits me?

When choosing the right motif, there is actually no right or wrong. The first and most important criterion here should be that it appeals to you, and that actually happens immediately. Within a few seconds, you have already subconsciously formed an opinion and decided whether a fabric banner appeals to you or not. So listen to your gut feeling, it is rarely wrong. The second question you should ask yourself is what kind of mood do you want to set, or more precisely, what kind of atmosphere do you want your textile banner to create? Display banners with neutral motifs such as leaves, flowers or landscapes can be used almost anywhere, the only thing you should be a little careful about is the season depicted, because an autumn motif with red leaves doesn't necessarily fit in with spring. Our spring banners are the perfect mood-lifter for the most beautiful time of the year. In addition to specific motifs, there is of course always the option of choosing a neutral background such as a board wall or a pattern, because sometimes it is enough to add a little accent or colour. When it comes to Christmas decorations, Santas, presents and decorated Christmas trees are always popular motifs, because they are guaranteed not to go out of fashion and can be used for many years. Why not add a textile banner with an atmospheric Christmas tree to your Christmas window display? It can be a good substitute for a decorated artificial Christmas tree, especially if there is not enough space. Our summer banners with great motifs of beaches, palm trees and the sea radiate pure holiday feeling.

Fabric banners in different sizes

The printed long panels from DecoWoerner are a perfect fit for you, because thanks to the different sizes available, they are suitable for a wide variety of shop windows. Choose a format that appeals to you. For the decoration of small shop windows, we recommend our short textile posters with 1.40 m, because here the motif is already selected so that it does not need much space to really come into its own. This size is ideal in pharmacies, for example, as the decoration is often directly at the customers' eye level. Display banners in XXL, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for oversized shop windows, such as in fashion stores. The brilliantly coloured print and the many details of our landscapes create a real atmosphere. Have a look at our winter landscapes, they are perfect for any winter decoration. Our most popular textile banners are exactly in between in size, not too small and not too big. We print new motifs for you every year on 1 x 2 m, which are carefully selected by our design team. So you are always guaranteed to be on trend. With the standard size, one is good, many can do even more. Instead of one large XXL banner, try several smaller ones. The rule here is that hanging motifs in duplicate or triplicate usually always works, but you should not hang too many motifs at the same time, as this can have a confusing effect. Next time, try three water prints as a background for your maritime decoration, then you'll feel like you're at the seaside.

Textile banners made of 100% cotton - the environmentally friendly alternative

Do you also think about the environment when decorating your home or shop? That's good! We have just the thing for you. Textile banners made of cotton are a good alternative to the usual textile banners made of polyester fabric, because they are made of a renewable natural product. Nowadays, cotton can be produced with much less water than in the past and is therefore rightly getting a better and better reputation. The high-quality motif banners made of natural cotton are particularly tear-resistant and hang smoothly and without creases thanks to two round wooden poles at the top and bottom. We print the natural fibre on one side with light-fast colours using a digital printing process, so you can enjoy your motif for a long time and also place it in the shop window or at home near the window without the sunlight taking away the vivid colours of the cotton banner. In contrast to prints made of polyester material, our ecological alternative on cotton fabric is less translucent, which makes the colours even more radiant. See for yourself and set an example by reaching for cotton when buying your next banner!

Textile banners made of high-quality flag fabric

We use a high-quality, UV-resistant textile fabric made of polyester as the base material for our standard textile banners. This has many advantages, because apart from the excellent printing properties, the fabric banner is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is flame retardant.

Decorative banners for indoors and outdoors

Especially in retail, there is no way around an attractive design of the shop window and the shop area. This can be achieved quickly and inexpensively with decorative banners, because they convey clear messages or generate the necessary attention to make passers-by stop. High-quality fabric banners with atmospheric landscapes not only appeal to customers visually, but also remind them of the upcoming change of seasons and the associated need to purchase your products. Long banners are also extremely suitable for communicating your advertising message with the various seasonal promotions. For example, point out sales or discount weeks. Or you have a special offer planned, then "shout" this action out into the world with the appropriate advertising message.

Textile banners with high colour brilliance and good quality

When printing on textile banners, it is important to pay attention to the flow direction of the fabric, because only if it lies correctly can an optimal printing result be achieved. We also rely on the use of state-of-the-art machinery in the production of our popular display banners. Thanks to high-resolution print files of our various motifs, even small details on large XXL banners can thus be reproduced cleanly, such as falling snowflakes or the fine leaf veins on the leaves. Due to the different substrates used, the colour brilliance varies. Prints on PVC tarpaulin become rich and always have a slight sheen. Motif printing on cotton, on the other hand, is more colour-intensive and duller than printing on polyester textile fabric. Finally, of course, there are our standard prints on textile, these are printed on a delicately translucent carrier fabric and appear colour-intensive in front of walls and partly translucent when freely suspended. So they are never too bulky and always fit perfectly into the room.