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Artificial Christmas trees - popular evergreens from DecoWoerner

What is the first thing you see in your mind's eye when you hear the word "Christmas"? We'll make any bet: it's a richly decorated Christmas tree with beautiful presents placed under the branches, right? A Christmas tree is simply THE symbol of Christmas par excellence. Associated with cosiness, nostalgia, festivity and fond childhood memories. To make your Christmas absolutely unforgettable, we at DecoWoerner have made it our mission to find the perfect artificial Christmas tree for every occasion. Believe us, the choice is huge and there is no such thing as the perfect tree to suit everyone. True to the motto "Many roads lead to the same goal". When choosing the right tree, you should think about a few basic things:

  • Would you prefer a green or snow-covered tree?
  • Should the tree already have fairy lights or would you prefer to decorate it with candles?
  • How big should the tree be?
  • Which tree shape appeals to you the most: sprawling, normal or narrow?
  • How realistic or naturalistic should the needles on your tree be?
  • Would you like to place it outside?
  • Or would you prefer a flame-retardant tree?

No matter what individual requirements you have for your dream tree, we will be happy to help you. We have compiled all the important information about artificial Christmas trees for you here. And if you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or give us a call. But for now: enjoy reading!

What are the advantages of artificial Christmas trees?

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular for Christmas decorations, whether for private or professional use. This is hardly surprising, as the artificial fir tree looks just like the real thing and also offers many advantages. In addition to its realistic appearance, the artificial Christmas tree also scores points for the fact that it always stays green and does not lose any needles. This offers the advantage that you can put the tree up throughout the Advent season without having to worry about it being bare on Christmas Eve. 

What's more, artificial fir trees are always beautifully and evenly shaped, so you can enjoy them for many Christmases to come. By using them several times, you save money that you can invest in beautiful gifts. 

In view of the increasing scarcity of resources, an artificial Christmas tree that is used several times is in many cases more environmentally friendly than the original. The Christmas trees, which are often grown in monocultures and trimmed for rapid growth, make no contribution to the protection of nature and species. Artificial Christmas trees can be used for at least 10 years, sometimes even decades. They make room for natural forests or trees that are used as fuel or building material. 

If you suffer from allergies, artificial Christmas trees are a safe choice as they do not release essential oils to which some people are sensitive. 

Important considerations before buying an artificial fir tree


Artificial Christmas trees need space to develop their full effect. So think about where you want to place your Christmas tree and take measurements: How high and how wide can the Christmas tree be? The dimensions have an indirect influence on the choice of tree shape. If you only have a narrow strip of space, it should not be a bushy tree.


Slender, normal or lush? Which tree shape do you most identify with? And how much space do you have available for it?

Authenticity factor & processing

How important is a realistic or lifelike appearance of the tree to you? Where is the tree located? Do passers-by only admire it from a distance in the shop window? Or is the tree in a place where people can see and touch it up close? And what price is a realistic copy worth to you? Most artificial fir trees are made from either Luvi or injection moulding/PVC. Luvi is cheaper, injection moulded/PVC is of higher quality and has a higher authenticity factor. 

Indoor or outdoor

Would you like to place the artificial Christmas tree indoors or outdoors, for example in entrance areas, on the terrace or balcony, in front of the shop or in the garden? Then you should choose a specimen that can easily withstand weather conditions such as frost. 

Flame retardant - important or not?

If you are putting up your tree in publicly accessible places such as airports, exhibition halls, event locations, hotels, shopping centres, shops, schools, etc., it is advisable to choose a flame-retardant Christmas tree for insurance and safety reasons alone. Especially if there are candles in the vicinity, for example in restaurants. It is also advisable to use a flame-retardant Christmas tree in shop windows or at the point of sale, for example, to provide you with the necessary safety during closing times.

If natural candlelight or an open fireplace are important to you in a private setting, a flame-retardant Christmas tree is an equally sensible choice. However, only if the Christmas baubles are also made of flame-retardant plastic. However, flame-retardant does not mean that you should leave fire sources unattended for long periods of time. 

Variety à la Natura: Which tree models are available from DecoWoerner?

Our artificial Christmas trees can be categorised as narrow, classic and lush. Depending on personal preferences, the surroundings and the space available, some trees are more suitable than others. But don't worry - we have the right tree for every space!

Narrow trees

These include, for example, our Alpine firs with wooden trunks. The originals stand on mountain ridges, which is why their slender shape is less vulnerable to storms and snowstorms. These trees can be placed almost anywhere, especially in the home, as they blend discreetly into their surroundings. This means you don't need to rearrange your entire living room to make room for them. Doctors' surgeries, offices, waiting rooms, corridors or rooms with a lot of public traffic also benefit from this shape. The Alpine fir trees from DecoWoerner are available in snow-covered and unsnow-covered form, with or without lighting.

Our winter fir and our artificial narrow fir tree (available in heights from 150 to 240 cm) also fall into this category. 

Classic trees

We strike the happy medium with our models such as the flame-retardant, artificial silver fir, which has a diameter of 1.19 metres. An attractive alternative with soft needles is the Serbian spruce. This category also includes the following timeless evergreen - our artificial silver fir, which we offer in three different heights from 150 to 210 cm. This tree shape corresponds to the classic Christmas tree in the living room. Symmetrical, balanced, not too narrow and not too lush. In rooms where you want to make an impression but cannot spread out endlessly, a classic Christmas tree is exactly the right choice. You will enjoy it for years, if not decades, and discover new design options every Christmas. This makes them suitable for private homes as well as offices or small shops, consulting and waiting rooms, rooms with customer traffic, health, beauty and wellness areas, hotels and much more.

Lush trees

Do you want others to make big eyes at you? Then don't hesitate, go all out. Lush artificial Christmas trees look breathtakingly beautiful, especially in retail stores and shop windows, at trade fairs and events, in foyers, entrance halls or outdoors. In this category, we offer you various models: there is our realistic-looking Norway spruce, which is available in its pure form or with LED lighting. Our Douglas fir looks just as natural with its fascinating interplay of colours from light and dark green needles. A feast for the eyes is the lush Nordmann fir in a rich green colour, densely covered with needles in several layers. It is available in several heights up to 300 cm - and is therefore absolutely unmissable. Our decorated fir trees also pack a punch and are decorated with huge red bows, among other things. Simply set them up and enjoy the reactions of your customers and guests. 

No space? We have the solution

Think you don't have room for a Christmas tree? You thought wrong. We at DecoWoerner have come up with clever alternatives that will fit into even the smallest of spaces. These are the hanging Christmas trees in spruce or cedar look. You can simply place this transversely hanging ceiling fir above the action. 

Our artificial tabletop Christmas trees in 40 to 80 cm versions turn out to be small decorative wonders. They are suitable as festive Christmas decorations on tables, chests of drawers, counters and office desks. As you can see, you can realise your dream of having your own Christmas tree anytime and anywhere with our trees. 

Effectively round off Christmas trees

Think beyond the tips of the needles on your Christmas tree and pick up on individual decorative elements and colours - for example when choosing Christmas baubles - in Christmas wreaths for the table, door and wall and Christmas garlands for indoors and outdoors. They are suitable as Christmas decorations for doors, windows, mantelpieces, shelves and tables. So that you create a harmonious concept both inside and out, when you enter and while you are in the room. Shop windows and salesrooms also benefit from this symbiosis. The eye recognises a coherent, harmonious concept from afar and is drawn to it. 

Pure, decorated, illuminated - our artificial fir trees are perfectly decorated

Are you a creative spirit who likes to let off steam individually? At DecoWoerner we offer you many lifelike Christmas trees or PVC or Luvi that you can decorate individually. If you don't have the time or leisure, you can get artificial Christmas trees that are already decorated and lit. Simply set them up and enjoy the Christmas spirit! The choice is yours :

Artificial Christmas trees with lighting:

At the cold, dark time of year, the right lighting can breathe life into the tree. Our artificial Christmas trees with lights are already equipped with the appropriate fairy lights. Advantage: The fairy lights are evenly positioned and create a harmonious overall look. This saves you having to work in and weigh up the fairy lights. If you appreciate symmetry and harmony, this is the perfect option for you.

Artificial Christmas trees without lights:

Pure, natural and unadulterated - with these models, you have the option of placing your own light sources. These may be fairy lights, LED candles or even real candles - if you have chosen a flame-retardant artificial Christmas tree. This option offers you the most design freedom - you can get your own personalised Christmas lights from us, as well as an enchanting selection of fairy lights for indoors and outdoors

Snow-covered Christmas trees:

Snow-covered Christmas trees conjure up a magical winter forest feeling in your surroundings. The snow-covered or flocked branches look particularly elegant. Modern furnishing styles such as industrial chic or minimalism in particular harmonise very well with white to continue the elegant understatement of the Christmas tree. 

Decorated Christmas trees:

Bows, Christmas baubles, small gift packages - the decorated Christmas trees from DecoWoerner are decked out with everything that makes the heart beat faster. The advantage: the decorative elements of these trees are perfectly coordinated in terms of colours, shapes and quantities. With larger Christmas trees in particular, it is often somewhat difficult to judge where, how often and at what distance the individual decorative elements should be placed so that the end result is harmonious. 

At a glance - You have the choice between different decorated Christmas trees:

  • decorated with fairy lights for outdoor use
  • decorated with fairy lights for indoor use
  • decorated without lights
  • with baubles for self-decoration & fairy lights for outdoor use
  • with baubles to decorate yourself & fairy lights for indoors
  • with baubles for self-decoration without light

Good question: Do I need a flame-retardant Christmas tree?

For the business sector and for publicly accessible places such as schools, airports, foyers, restaurants, hotels, event venues, etc., we would recommend a flame-retardant Christmas tree for insurance reasons alone. So that you know your shop, shop window or office is always well protected - even when there is a lot of public traffic or after business hours. Private households also benefit from a flame-retardant Christmas tree from DecoWoerner. A child forgets to blow out the candle, the cat climbs up the tree... there are countless situations in which you can keep your composure with a flame-retardant Christmas tree. 

Note: To be on the safe side, Christmas decorations such as Christmas baubles should also be made of a flame-retardant material. 

Christmas trees for indoor and outdoor use

A Christmas tree placed outside provides a festive welcome in the entrance area or in front of the point of sale. On balconies, terraces and gardens, it conjures up a festive atmosphere that the neighbours can also enjoy. But what criteria does an artificial Christmas tree need to fulfil in order to be placed outside?

In terms of material, all artificial Christmas trees offered by DecoWoerner are suitable for outdoor use. With regard to the lighting used, the respective protection class is decisive. IP20 is only suitable for indoor use, IP44 and IP67 are also suitable for outdoor use. When choosing Christmas baubles, we recommend unbreakable plastic baubles that are robust and UV-resistant. Christmas baubles made of glass can break easily and are therefore only suitable for outdoor use in areas that are covered and protected from the wind.  

Tips for setting up and decorating the artificial Christmas tree

At DecoWoerner, we deliver your Christmas tree well protected and carefully packed in a suitable box. Please keep it in a safe place so that you can store the Christmas tree safely after the holidays. Before using your new Christmas tree for the very first time, you should take some time to bend the branches down so that your tree looks as lush and even as in the photo. 

If you are decorating your tree yourself: do not place the Christmas baubles at the ends of the branches, but in the centre so that they do not bend the branches downwards and also hold them more securely. To emphasise the glow of the baubles' surfaces - especially shiny and glittering Christmas baubles - the baubles should be placed near fairy lights or light sources.

Depending on the type and size of the tree, you will need different numbers of baubles and fairy lights to achieve a balanced result. The following decoration planner will give you important information about the right amount of materials required: 

Decoration planner: Guidelines for decorating artificial Christmas trees

How many and which Christmas baubles are needed for your artificial Christmas tree?

Tree size Baubles 6 cm Ø Baubles 8 cm Ø Baubles 10 cm Ø
150 cm 50 30 -
180 cm 60 36 -
210 cm 64 40 16
240 cm 78 69 48
300 cm - 84 72






How many LED lights do you need for your artificial Christmas tree?

Tree size Standard Sparkle Extra Sparkle Super Sparkle
100 cm 50 100 150
120 cm 100 150 200
150 cm 150 200 400
180 cm 250 400 500
210 cm 400 500 600
240 cm 500 600 800
280 cm 600 800 1000
300 cm 800 1000 1200
330 cm 1000 1200 1500
370 cm 1200 1500 1800
390 cm 1500 1800 2000
420 cm 1800 2000 2500
450 cm 2000 2500 3000
600 cm 2500 3000 3500
910 cm 3000 3500 4000
1200 cm 3500 4000 4500
1500 cm 4000 4500 5000













Every year: storing and caring for artificial Christmas trees correctly

Artificial Christmas trees are best stored in the cardboard box supplied. If you have already disposed of it, the Christmas tree can also be wrapped in a sheet. Store it in a safe, dry place where the temperature is as constant as possible.  

To remove dust from the tree about once a year, simply use a handheld hoover with a brush set and run it along the branches from top to bottom - at a distance of one to two centimetres from the material. Do not touch the branches directly so as not to accidentally suck in the needles. Alternatively, gently wipe the branches with a damp tea towel. If the tree needs to be cleaned, use a cloth with washing-up liquid. 

If you follow these tips, the high-quality artificial Christmas trees from DecoWoerner will give you many years of pleasure.