Christmas stars

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    Deco poinsettias - the festive highlight

    We bring the stars from the sky for you: poinsettias are the glittering highlight of every Christmas decoration. Their glitter and sparkle brightens dark frosty nights, creates a good mood on gloomy winter days, becomes an eye-catcher in shop windows and point-of-sale. This applies all the more to Christmas stars with LED lighting. Stars have something heavenly about them, bringing lightness and magic to any room. 

    Poinsettias are the proverbial icing on the cake of any festive Christmas decoration. We at DecoWoerner inspire with a particularly large selection. Whether spotted or large-scale, whether in classic or XL version or even as a rain of stars distributed over the festive table - with us you are guaranteed to find your personal "star" product. Here is a small overview of our assortment of Christmas stars:

    • Scattered stars
    • star-hangers & chains
    • illuminated stars
    • folding stars
    • glued stars
    • Stars with stand to put up

    Christmas stars at DecoWoerner in heavenly variety

    Depending on the size and type, there are a variety of uses and decoration ideas from our different star categories. We show you which poinsettia is suitable for which decoration . 

    Scattered stars: These jack-of-all-trades open up endless possibilities for Christmas decorations, whether on the festive table, the gift table, in bowls, vases, gift baskets ... there are no limits to your imagination. 

    Star pendants: Classically on the Christmas tree, on Christmas garlands, fir branches or hung on the curtain rod - the star pendants can be attached in a flash and draw the eye. They are available at DecoWoerner in different sizes and formats, so that they can be decorated solo or in a group. 

    Star chains: Decorated vertically, our star chains enchant hanging on windows, glass fronts and walls. Horizontally decorated, they can be draped effectively on shelves, tables, sideboards or mirrors. In addition, you can wrap door wreaths with a star chain and decorate the Christmas tree with it. Available in festive gold and silver, you can achieve beautiful effects with a star necklace in no time. 

    Illuminated stars: these stars bring the nighttime sparkle of celestial bodies to your interiors. Whether combined with lurex or metallic, our illuminated, battery-operated LED decorative stars always look elegant and conjure up a special flair. Use them to light up the window sill or the entrance area, so that even your neighbors make big eyes. Or embellish shelves and table decorations with these wonderful light sources.  

    Folding stars: Our decorative stars convince with flexibility and strength in equal measure. They are made of paper or fabric, whereby the fabric stars are equipped with a zipper. This allows them to be folded up in a flash and stored safely. Some varieties feature a solid metal frame for added stability. The folding stars are available in sizes from 40 to 150 cm and are therefore suitable in every respect for the big show - for example for the shop window or as atmospheric ceiling decoration in shopping malls. The special feature is their beautiful shiny or glittering surface. With the appropriate light source nearby, this creates a magical, vibrant sparkle. 

    Ideas: Poinsettias as decoration for your business and home 

    In order for the Christmas star decoration to really come into its own, you need an additional light source that brings out the glitter and sparkle of the festive colors in the most beautiful shades. Simply combine Christmas folding stars as well as star pendants and chains with indoor and outdoor Christmas light strings or one of our string light curtains. Other Christmas light objects such as chandeliers, light arches, light globes, light trees and branches expand your design space to infinity. Experiment to your heart's content. 

    Depending on the selected size, you can use them to embellish not only your home with festive highlights. Especially large glass surfaces such as shop windows or glass ceilings of shopping malls as well as plain sales rooms benefit from the combination of the poinsettia decoration and various light objects. This allows you to achieve sensational effects without much effort and without the decorations looking cluttered. Highlight special products and draw the viewers' attention to you and your offers. With star chains and pendants, you can effectively spice up mannequins, stands, shelves and presentation areas at the same time. 

    Illuminated stars exude an almost magical attraction in entrance areas and shop windows. The same goes for your own home. Spice up dark corners, set highlights on shelves, tables and feel-good niches. It's no coincidence that the three wise men from the Orient followed the Christmas star, and it's no coincidence that constellations have inspired the imagination of mankind for thousands of years. Speaking of fantasy: Create enchanting worlds full of magic, fairy tales and legends in combination with our Christmas figures

    Discover the star potential: continue to use decorative stars after Christmas

    Christmas is probably the most festive time of the year. Unfortunately, the period is limited to only a few weeks. Surely you will agree with us that our decorative poinsettias are much too good to be mothballed in boxes for the rest of the year. Why should they? After all, stars shine in the sky every night too, regardless of the season!

    We'll give you a few ideas on how you can continue to use our decorative stars after Christmas: 

    Highlight product novelties, special promotions and special products all year round with a sensational "star decoration" in the shop window.

    • Make your trade fair stand stand out from the crowd with decorative stars. Ideal, for example, for start-up companies with the motto "Rising Stars". 
    • Illuminated stars for terraces, balconies, gazebos, etc. make lanterns and fairy lights superfluous. Enjoy mild summer nights in a romantic ambience and let the day end in a dignified way.
    • Star chains provide pleasant dreams in the bedroom or children's room all year round. 
    • Place our decorative stars on the window sill. So that even on cloudy nights you can end the evening as a stargazer. 
    • Let it twinkle on special occasions: at balls, at a festive gala, at anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and wedding anniversaries. Place the stars as table decorations, on gift tables, use them to decorate small giveaways, napkin holders, windows, doors....