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Interesting facts about classic coat hangers and hanger variants


You can never have enough clothes hangers, and when there seem to be enough, the right one is usually still missing. With clothes hangers, you can bring order to your wardrobes and closets without much effort, because they are ideal for storing blouses, T-shirts, shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers not only neatly, but also tidily and crease-free. This way you can enjoy wrinkle-free clothes every day, because the neatly hung clothes always stay smooth and beautiful. In our DecoWoerner online shop you will find all kinds of hangers - trouser hangers, costume hangers, skirt hangers and many more. So the next organisational project can start at any time.

What types of coat hangers are there?

In order to make a good choice when choosing a clothes hanger, you should think about what kind of clothes you want to occupy or present and what kind of hanger suits you best. When choosing a hanger, the following applies: different types of clothes require different hanger models. Therefore, here are our tips and experiences with the most common models of hangers and their advantages.

Skirt and trouser hangers

If you want to hang up your trousers and skirts, you have a choice between two types of commercial hangers. Trouser hangers hold your clothes in place on the hanger with the help of clamps, without causing creases in the fabric. Of course, skirts can be hung on hangers with clamps just as well as trousers. In addition to rubberised or velvet-covered clamps, there are also trouser hangers with sliding springs. These ensure that the skirt or trousers are taut in the waistband, so they hang wrinkle-free and can be stored in a space-saving way. To tension the hanger, simply press the spring together and then let it extend in the waistband. This gives the garment a perfect hold. To create even more space in your wardrobe, you also have the option of using multiple trouser hangers on which you can hang several pairs of trousers at the same time without creasing them. By the way, skirts can be hung up even better with clips than trousers, because the pairs of clips with non-slip coating grip the fabric securely, so that all skirts can now be tidied away in the wardrobe without creases.

Hang your trousers even closer together with a slight variation on the classic hanger, where the arms of the hanger are joined together with a crossbar. Fold your trousers so that both legs lie on top of each other and then hang them neatly over the free cross strut. Your trousers will hang particularly well if you choose a hanger with a rubberised or non-slip surface when you buy them.

Scarf and tie hangers

Always present your scarves and ties perfectly with practical accessory hangers that create enough space for several items on one hanger. The most popular accessory hanger models usually have either horizontal struts for hanging or round eyelets or openings for threading through below the hanging hook. In addition to the tie or belt hanger, there are also clothes hangers where the ties to be hung are clearly arranged next to each other instead of just under each other. In this way, more than 20 ties and belts can be neatly arranged on several struts or bars. As a rule, the ends of the struts are shaped in such a way that the accessories do not slip off the accessory hangers. This way, your accessories are sorted by theme in no time at all and ready to hand without creasing.

Other hanger variants

Shaped hangers are a particularly good choice for presenting jackets and jackets, because the wide shape of the hanger at the shoulder means that the fabric always falls smoothly and thus neither creases nor wrinkles. For households with growing children, there is the option of using hangers that grow with the child. Thanks to the extendable holding arms, these hangers can be adapted to the various items of clothing, from toddlers to teenagers. This way you can save on various sizes of hangers and still present your offspring's clothes perfectly.

Material and workmanship

When buying clothes hangers, you can choose between different types and models as well as between the materials wood, metal and plastic. Wooden and metal clothes hangers look particularly high-quality and classy compared to plastic hangers, but these hangers also weigh considerably more. Plastic hangers are often cheaper to buy, which can also be a decisive factor.

When choosing the right clothes hanger for you, you should pay attention not only to the material but also to the workmanship and what requirements you place on your hangers. For example, there are hangers with swivelling suspension hooks and hangers with rigid suspension hooks. Clothes hangers with swivel hooks are the most flexible, as they allow you to hang your goods more freely and on a wide variety of clothing racks and product displays.

Create order with coat hangers

Make the most of the space available to you by making unused space usable. A simple and practical solution to create storage space: Clothes hangers, because they offer many practical advantages and create order. For example, hang your towels in the bathroom or the bathrobe from the bedroom neatly on a decorative hanger by the door to create more space on the countertops again. Of course, the hangers are just as good and practical in the kitchen or the wardrobe. For example, you can match elegant wooden coat hangers exactly to your furnishings. With a coat hanger, you can create a practical storage solution in any room in your home. And what's more, it's small and handy, takes up no space when unused because you can always hang it up and never have to sacrifice valuable floor space.

An optimal presentation for your goods

To show off your goods perfectly, it is important to choose the right hanger. In the DecoWoerner online shop you will find not only classic and extravagant but also elegant hangers, so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Present silk blouses on durable wooden blouse hangers or rely on practical special hangers for e.g. ties, suits and boots when presenting your accessories.

Clothes hangers are also indispensable in retail shops. When selling clothes, accessories and underwear, hangers made of plastic and wood are the basis for a perfect presentation of goods. This way, the individual outfits can always be presented in the best light and sorted by size and colour. As product presenters, the hangers blend into the background and do not distract from the actual product. In our range, you will find exactly the right clothes hanger for your business: from the discreet and delicate metal clothes hanger to the noble solid wood hanger with logo in pad printing, in the DecoWoerner online shop, no wishes remain unfulfilled here. Trouser hangers are ideal for presenting jeans. Jackets and blouses, on the other hand, look their best on form hangers that support the garment at the shoulder and thus ensure that the fabric falls perfectly. Small clothes such as children's clothes are best presented with hangers in special sizes, then the garments are guaranteed not to slip off the hanger.

Conveniently shop great value for money clothes hangers online at DecoWoerner

The best way to store clothes in a space-saving way without wasting valuable floor space is with the help of clothes hangers. This is how you create order in your wardrobe and hallway, and with little effort. Your favourite pieces will always be within easy reach, freely accessible and beautiful to wear, as they are well organised and wrinkle-free. When choosing the right hanger, you should always reach for the thin plastic clothes hanger when you want to save a particularly large amount of space. Don't worry, plastic hangers are also made to a high standard these days and come in many stylish designs.

If you like to hang your clothes out to dry in the garden or in the sun, you should make sure that you buy a high-quality hanger that does not stain. This way, nothing stands in the way of indoor and outdoor use!