Christmas wreaths

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    Artificial Christmas wreaths from DecoWoerner - more than a warm welcome

    When nature goes into hibernation, we're happy to help out. Artificial Christmas wreaths from DecoWoerner bring nature back - refined with different branches, cones, baubles, snowballs and other decorative elements. Your advantage: Artificial Advent wreaths do not wither and do not require any special care. So you can enjoy these lively arrangements year after year. Depending on whether you prefer it quickly or individually, you can get our artificial Christmas wreaths in decorated and undecorated form. 

    Classically, Advent wreaths welcome visitors, customers and guests at the door. But that's not all: Christmas wreaths are suitable for all kinds of areas, for example on walls, tables and shelves as well as indoors and outdoors. Whether for hanging, standing or laying - Christmas wreaths can do far more than you might suspect. Particularly practical: as our artificial Advent wreaths neither dry out nor needle, they can be placed indoors and outdoors without any problems and can even hang from the ceiling.

    DecoWoerner would not be your preferred partner in visual merchandising if we limited ourselves to artificial fir wreaths. You can already get these from us in an impressive variety, but we bring quite a few other materials and variants into play. For example, we can supply you with

    • artificial Advent wreaths in classic fir branch look
    • snow-covered Advent wreaths
    • Advent wreaths with LED lighting
    • Advent wreaths with baubles
    • Artificial Christmas wreaths made of wicker, pampas grass or brushwood
    • Metal Advent wreaths and metal rings with fir branches
    • Advent wreaths with pines and cones
    • Advent wreaths in the shape of a star
    • Arrangements as ceiling hangers
    • Christmas baubles made of artificial firs for the entrance area
    • Luvi wreaths with baubles and LEDS in oversize for the B2B sector

    As you can see, there is still a lot to discover in the area of Christmas wreaths. Also for you!

    Well placed! Artificial Christmas wreaths for doors, tables and walls

    Which size is suitable for which purpose? Perhaps you have already asked yourself this question. 
    Of course, this depends on many factors, such as the size of the room, the occasion and the general conditions, for example the other decorative materials. However, you can follow the following tips as rough guidelines . 

    1. Christmas wreaths for the door
    Larger ones are recommended here so that you can make an impact in the entrance area from afar and give your guests a Christmassy welcome. Advent wreaths for the door with a diameter of between 50 and 80 cm are always a good idea. Do you have bigger ideas in mind? Make a lasting first impression on your guests with our fir ball (diameter 100 cm) or our artificial fir stars with a diameter of 100 to 200 cm in the entrance area. If you want to get everything from one source, we recommend our complete entrance door LED set, consisting of an artificial Advent wreath, two Christmas trees and a Christmas garland made of artificial fir branches. Ordered once - everything included. 

    2. Christmas wreaths to hang on the wall
    Under sloping ceilings or between shelves and cupboards, you are well advised to use smaller wreaths, corresponding to a diameter of about 40 - 45 cm. This allows the Advent wreaths to unfold their full effect without cluttering the room. If you have a large open room, you can have a little more. Here, Advent wreaths with a diameter of 60 cm and above are also excellent. 

    3. Christmas wreaths for the table
    Depending on whether your festive table is celebrated at home on the dining table or in a banquet hall or restaurant, you can adjust the size of the respective artificial Advent wreaths for the table. We recommend smaller ones with a diameter of 40 to a maximum of 60 cm. This leaves room for the place setting and other decorative elements such as bowls, vases or Christmas garlands. 

    4. Christmas wreaths for the business sector
    Big, bigger, the best: We have a particularly tempting offer for our B2B customers. The XXL Luvi wreath from DecoWoerner with LED lighting and Christmas baubles contains everything in one and can be placed immediately. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is available in gold and silver and in two sizes (diameter 120 or 200 cm). Another "sweet" are our ceiling pendants made of fir branches. With a diameter of 150 to 200 cm, they add the finishing touch to sales rooms, shopping arcades, facades and shop windows. Since our artificial Advent wreaths neither dry out nor needle, you don't have to worry about anything falling off. Very practical!

    Come in! Artificial Advent wreaths for outdoors

    A great appearance begins with a good first impression. You can achieve this by placing your artificial Christmas wreaths outdoors. Thanks to innovative materials such as Luvi, our artificial fir wreaths can be placed outdoors without any problems. Our artificial fir branches withstand wind, weather and UV light. 
    Numerous possibilities are open to you: Place your Advent wreath in entrance areas, on doors, stairs, railings, fences, driveways. Adorn facades, conservatories and patio areas. LED Christmas wreaths look particularly beautiful in the dark. Alternatively, you can combine unlit Christmas wreaths with light sources such as illuminated Christmas garlands or fairy lights. 

    Individual decoration ideas: How to enhance artificial Christmas wreaths

    No matter whether you have chosen decorated or undecorated Advent and fir wreaths - as natural greenery is rather scarce in winter, our Christmas wreaths look best in combination with other decorative elements made of fir branches. Create a green winter oasis in combination with artificial Christmas trees (for entrance areas, shop windows, shopping arcades, event locations, large rooms, foyers and the point-of-sale), artificial table Christmas trees (for the festive table, dining room tables, meeting points, business premises, sideboards, chests of drawers) and fir branches that can be used anytime and anywhere. Our artificial Christmas garlands will add a special touch to your decorative arrangement. These are available in green and snowy fir needle optics as well as leafy tendrils. 

    The variety of our artificial Christmas wreaths adapts to every interior and every style. Whether lush green, snowy, noble white or Advent wreaths made of materials such as brushwood and pampas grass in an airy look. Here you are guaranteed to find your personal favourite for business and private use. 

    In addition, there are countless ways in which you can individually decorate our artificial fir wreaths. Marvel at the endless variety of our Christmas baubles in all imaginable colours in matt, gloss and glitter optics. Trendsetters will find classic Christmas colours as well as rarities such as Christmas baubles in chocolate, lilac or vintage look in our assortment. Use them to add colourful highlights to your Advent wreath. Combinations with our decorative Christmas stars, which you can get from DecoWoerner in numerous variations from the star chain to the star hanger to the folding star, evoke heavenly feelings. Playful, tongue-in-cheek decorations can be achieved in combination with our Christmas figures. These will delight young and old alike. Whether elves, Father Christmases, gingerbread pendants, rocking horse stands, squirrels, angels, reindeer... DecoWoerner offers you a wide range of themes for decorating unique, individual Christmas wreaths.