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Decorations for every occasion in the DecoWoerner Online Shop


Beautiful decorations make you want more

Like everywhere in life, it's the first impression that counts, so make sure it's a great one. Just like a good outfit that is only perfectly rounded off by accessories, the right home accessories and decorative elements compliment a room and give it your personal touch. Our decoration ideas, which we have prepared for you according to each theme, serve as a guide. Here you will find lots of inspiration and ideas on how to use our articles to redesign your salesroom or shop area and keep it up-to-date and modern for customers. Of course, you can also implement these ideas in your private life, because if you love your home, you will always enjoy decorating your flat or freeing up time to decorate your living room or bedroom.

What makes our decorative items so special:

  • Create a whole new living feeling and beautiful ambience with loving, small details of room decoration, because living and decoration simply cannot do without each other.
  • To fundamentally change the character of a room, it often takes just a few simple steps and the right decoration. With our products, you will succeed in no time at all.
  • Style your rooms and your home with window dressing or home, which has been carefully chosen by our designers. Insider tip: Take a look at our decoration ideas, here you will immediately find many ideas for the possible uses of your favourite item. With us, you will find everything from textiles, artificial plants, artificial Christmas trees, white firs, Christmas baubles, shop fittings to small decorative items and decorations made of wood that your heart desires and that will transform your home into your individual place of well-being.

The most beautiful accessories for your home - decoration

Individual decoration is crucial for a beautiful home. Because when it comes to furnishing, there is more to it than just the furniture. You choose furniture to fulfil a certain purpose. Decoration, on the other hand, is good for the soul, because we need it to feel good and to express our personality. All you need are the right ideas to decorate your flat or house room by room so that you feel comfortable. Holidays and celebrations also become even more beautiful and special thanks to decoration. For example, for a cosy Easter brunch. Brightly painted Easter eggs in pop colours and a beautifully arranged floral decoration immediately create a cosy atmosphere. This is how you create a homely atmosphere within your own four walls. In our assortment, you are guaranteed to find the right decoration for the occasion, because with our large selection of decorations, there is always something suitable!

Christmas decorations for the living room

Whether you have just moved into a new flat or have lived in your house for many years, it is always worth bringing a breath of fresh air into your four walls. An unusual living room decoration immediately lifts your home and the room to a new level and creates new flair. This is especially important at Christmas, because it should not only be beautiful and festive, but also individual. Design your Christmas decoration as individual as you are, with beautiful eye-catchers that fit your person. Children also have a lot of fun at the festive season, for example, let them tie bows for the Christmas tree themselves from fine ribbons. You should also not be limited in terms of decorative elements, because when it comes to Christmas, what suits you and brings you joy. Thanks to classic decorations, your living room looks particularly festive at Christmas and immediately puts your loved ones in the Christmas mood.

A modern Christmas decoration not only suits millennials, but everyone who likes it simple and puristic. The Skandi style tree in the living room is particularly popular here. With Christmas baubles in white and deceptively real-looking artificial Christmas trees, simple, elegant and timelessly beautiful. You are guaranteed to enjoy your Christmas decoration for many years. White Christmas trees or snow-covered Christmas trees are also modern and chic, because snow is an essential part of the perfect Christmas celebration. With unusual decorative items, you can ensure that certain something, because here you can specifically stand out from the crowd and create your very own decorative idea. With flower arrangements, you can bring a piece of nature indoors and level your table decoration to the festive table. Red Christmas stars paired with artificial fir branches, golden decorative deer and glass Christmas baubles are particularly beautiful here. Gold and red Christmas tree baubles are particularly popular for Christmas tree decorations every year, because red and gold are always in vogue. Decorative stars and Christmas bows are also a must. You will find all this and much more in our webshop. Have fun browsing!

So that you sleep even better - stylish bedroom decoration ideas

We all like a cosy bed in our bedroom, but of course it should also look chic. But what is it that lifts a room from "beautiful" to "wow"? What gives it that certain something extra? For example, stage your chest of drawers with decorative elements and decorative figures, hang a fashionable mirror above it or decorate the free wall with further wall decorations. This way, the furniture is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in the room! Lighting elements also play a major role here. Candlesticks, table candles in a chandelier or fairy lights, all create a special feel-good atmosphere and let your bedroom shine in a completely different light. Further accents, from exotic to classic, are set by cushions, bedspreads and curtains. The decorative effect of textiles should therefore never be underestimated. Fragrances also add a special touch to a room; lavender can calm us down and lemon balm invigorates us. A romantic decoration can be wonderfully complemented with candles and decorative objects in pink or antique pink, because you can never go wrong with decoration in pink.

An impressive decoration for every occasion

Festive dinners, a cosy breakfast with friends, theme parties or birthday celebrations, there is the right decoration for every occasion. Create a romantic atmosphere for a nice dinner for two with decorations in silver. A party looks classy with decoration items in white or beige, because neutral tones are always on trend. Occasion-related decoration or theme decoration ensures that there is always enough to talk about and to give the whole evening an atmospheric framework. Express your personality with decorations that are tailored to you. This way, the guests will immediately recognise how much effort you have put into the event, because specifically selected decoration items can have a great influence on the overall picture.

Seasonal decoration

Get yourself and your customers in the mood for the changing seasons and let spring, summer, autumn and winter take hold in your home and salesrooms. Whether Christmas lights, decorative angels or decorative reindeer, many decorative elements are perfect for your Christmas decorations in the living room or shop window. Small accents such as glittering deco deer or golden candle holders will transform your table decoration into a festive Christmas table in no time at all, because warm light and loving details create a festive mood in no time. In spring, it's best to set accents with decorative butterflies and lush blossoms. Cherry and apple blossoms are also a must, of course, because the beautiful blossoms and friendly butterflies are not only great colour accents on the outside, but also bring spring into your four walls as decorations. Artificial flowers bring joy all year round, because they are absolutely easy to care for, do not wilt and bloom continuously. Elegantly decorated in a bowl or vase, also chic in combination with a decorative branch or branch, artificial plants bring a piece of nature into your rooms. With us, you will find a wide range of products all year round, including many decorative items and shop fittings, with which you can always create new and varied summer and autumn decorations.

Buy decoration online at DecoWoerner

From the comfort of your workstation or your cosy couch at home, you can choose your new decoration from thousands of articles. Just quickly add what your eye desires to your shopping cart and soon you will be able to decorate your shop window and let it shine in a whole new light. Browse through our diverse range and discover our exclusive selection of beautiful decorations at DecoWoerner. With us, you are guaranteed to find a stylish mix of high-end products for high demands - lightfast, UV-resistant. suitable for outdoors - but also low-priced it-pieces for the small purse. So there is something for everyone, whether you are a professional window dresser, a design studio, a decoration enthusiast or a decoration beginner. Our decoration in the online shop will convince you! You will find many detailed pictures and detailed product descriptions for the individual articles, the ideal starting point if you would like more information. And if you like to make a bargain, then take a look at our sale, here you will find selected articles at particularly low prices.

We draw on our many years of experience in the world of visual merchandising when selecting and compiling our more than 8,000 items in stock. Many of these products are exclusively available in the DecoWoerner Online Shop. During the purchase and especially the payment process, your data is protected by our SSL encryption.

Of course, you will receive your order as quickly as possible and, as a private customer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal.

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