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Radiant summer decorations that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood - in the DecoWoerner online shop.

Inspirations for your summer decoration - inside and outside!
There is nothing better than a warm summer after a shivery winter! Finally, we can spend time outdoors and in the sun again, travel to the seaside or take a pedal boat out on the lake. We look forward to ice cream from our favourite ice cream parlour, a cold beer in the beer garden and balmy summer evenings under the open sky. Only at home is it even nicer, especially on the decorated terrace under a large parasol with lots of real and artificial plants. So it's not a bad idea to take a holiday at home on the balcony. But summer doesn't just make us want to spend time in the sun, it also encourages us to make changes in our own four walls, to redecorate and create a breath of fresh air. We fall in love with our home all over again and discover new favourite places and corners in our house and garden. Even the shop looks completely different, because the light makes shop windows and salesrooms shine in a new way. That's why we give you lots of great ideas in our webshop on how you can make your favourite corners even more beautiful and draw customers' attention to you and your shop even more effectively. Because summer doesn't just put people in a good mood in private. Busy shopping streets now also attract customers with attractive shop windows that match the current trend and season. Here you can find out everything about the popular summer decoration, from the use of the hottest summer flowers, the modern styling of sunflowers, the coolest colours to the most sought-after patterns. Have fun with our decorating tips for your house, flat, garden, terrace and balcony.

The perfect recipe for your summer decoration - it always works!
In summer, we don't like it heavy but rather light and airy, and this is also reflected in the interior: less furniture is more and makes the room seem more open and not so oppressive. Lovely accents with artificial flowers in delicate colours provide the right summer feeling. Light and flowing textiles such as silk, linen and thin cotton are particularly popular right now. When it comes to patterns, you can never go wrong with floral motifs, just as you can with jungle motifs, exotic plants or the ever-recurring ethnic prints. Nature offers us plenty of inspiration in summer. Decorate with nature motifs, for example deco butterflies and deco birds, fresh juicy fruits in the form of food dummies as well as summer artificial flowers.

The trend colours of summer
It's best to decorate according to colour concepts in summer. To do this, simply choose what appeals to you most. Bright pastel colours spread summer like spring. These can be combined with each other as the mood takes you. What's more, your summer decorations will look particularly friendly, as the interplay of delicate pinks, yellows and blues is airy, light and cheerful. Why not try a summery touch for your living room!

But it's not only delicate shades in pastel that tempt you in summer, but also deep, strong colours. Sunny yellow is always the right choice, whether for table decorations or accessories. Yellow goes well with accents in bright red and various shades of blue, such as petrol, turquoise or royal blue. Blue colours have a maritime and refreshing effect throughout the summer. They make you feel much more relaxed, like you've just come back from holiday. Ideal, therefore, for summer window dressing in hot temperatures.

Our tip for choosing colours for summer decoration: It is best to start with your favourite colour or the colour in which you would like to design your decoration. This colour serves as the main theme and is now cleverly placed in different places in the room to pick it up again. An elegant solution for this would be to drape cushions in the corresponding colour or artificial cut flowers. The overall picture is particularly harmonious if the rest of the interior is kept in light and reduced colours. This way, the colour accents are guaranteed to work.

Colourful, summery floral decorations for a good mood
Throughout the summer, flowers bloom in a wide variety of colours. With artificial cut flowers, you can enjoy them not only in summer, but all year round and not just as summer decorations.
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