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    Christmas banners from DecoWoerner conjure up a festive room atmosphere in seconds.

    Do you like to plan on a grand scale? Do you see decorations not only selectively, but as a room concept with a lasting atmosphere? Do you want to conjure up a Christmas atmosphere in your shop window with just a flick of the wrist? Or do you want to decorate your home for Christmas, but without a lot of effort? Then the DecoWoerner Christmas banners are your best friend and helper! 

    What makes the DecoWoerner fabric banners for Christmas so special?

    They are...

    • available in an unbeatable range of different Christmas motifs
    • in many sizes from 75 x 180 cm to 300 x 400 cm to suit every room
    • very easy to attach
    • equipped with intelligent devices such as a hemstitch on both sides
    • in combination with a hanging and stabilising rod, beautiful without creases
    • made of flame retardant flag fabric (B1 certified)
    • UV-resistant and colourfast
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • also available in sustainable versions made of 100 % natural cotton 

    Whether for indoors or outdoors, whether classic, funny or elegant, whether as wall decorations or eye-catchers for shop windows: our Christmas banners make decorating easy for you. You are only spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection. 

    I have to go there! Christmas banners for shop windows with magical appeal

    It's not so easy to stand out from the competition in the Christmas business. Christmas fabric banners from DecoWoerner are perfect for putting yourself in the spotlight in bustling city centres. Shine with colourfulness and appeal to passers-by on an emotional level by evoking fond childhood memories, for example. Make your shop window a place of warmth, idyll and well-being. With our fabulous world of motifs, there is sure to be something to suit your taste. 

    Some of our motifs are so strong that they speak for themselves. These include, for example, decorative banners with Father Christmases, gift packages or Santa's stocking filled with sweets. Other motifs, for example with ornamental and glitter prints, provide a festive background frame for fine products. Still others are true classics - from the reindeer to the gingerbread house - and can be perfectly combined with other Christmas decoration materials. 

    In the shop window and at the point of sale, the motto is: Think Big! Create and use the space for decorations that get under your skin. Our Christmas banners for shop windows immediately catch the eye, especially in the XL versions. Combine them with other eye-catchers from our XXL Christmas decorations such as life-size decorative elks, snowmen and Father Christmases or nostalgic nutcracker and soldier figures. 
    Tip: Instead of placing your goods on shelves or stands, simply place them stylishly on a decorative sleigh, an ornate baroque stool or a red and gold throne. 

    Our artificial fir trees are also a must for the shop window. These look particularly good in sales rooms. Here at DecoWoerner you can choose from numerous variations. Sometimes with lighting, sometimes with snow-covered branches, whether decorated with baubles or completely plain, so that you can let your imagination run wild. 

    Combined with our textile banners for Christmas, you can create not only decorative spaces, but also entire atmospheric worlds. By the way, our Christmas fabric banners are also perfect for outside, for example in front of the entrance area. This way, you can make a statement from afar and attract passers-by to your (street) side in the truest sense of the word.  

    Nice and cosy with Christmas fabric banners in living rooms 

    Our Christmas banners are also perfect in living spaces. They can be set up in no time at all, can enhance dark or sloping living areas and also fit where a Christmas tree would have no place. What's more, our Christmas banners can be reused as often as you like and can even be moved from room to room. No matter whether you want to place our Christmas banners in the living room, dining room or children's room: At DecoWoerner you will always find the right motif from playful to elegant.

    Then it only takes a few little things to put your home in the Christmas spirit. Enhance your festive table with fir branches and table Christmas trees, decorate your shelves, tables and sideboards with colourful Christmas baubles and decorate windows and doors with inviting Christmas garlands

    Tip: When it comes to Christmas baubles, pick up a colour from the Christmas banner such as red, gold, fir green or snow white, for example, so that the colour scheme remains beautifully coherent. 

    Decorative Christmas banners for the office - create communication spaces 

    In all business premises where customer contact or meetings take place, which serve the purpose of communication, health or well-being, Christmas banners are ideally suited. In this way, you express appreciation towards your clientele. In addition, regular customers will always find it interesting to visit you if you adapt your decorations to the respective season. Especially at Christmas time, this is almost a matter of course. 

    Our expressive, Christmas-themed decorative banners are particularly useful for waiting rooms, consultation rooms, doctors' surgeries, wellness institutes, fitness and beauty studios, foyers and entrance areas, restaurants and hotels, reception areas, but also for trade fairs and events such as company Christmas parties. 

    Classic offices, but also home office areas, which are often kept rather cool and reserved, benefit from an upgrade with festive colours and Christmas motifs during the grey, cold pre-Christmas period. When the view from the office window falls on asphalt, fog and bare trees, simply direct the eye to decorative eye-catchers inside your office. This improves the working atmosphere and creates motivation. 

    Tips: Find suitable colours and motifs for different decorative purposes.

    Can't make up your mind? We show you how to find the right fabric banner for Christmas that suits your purpose and style.

    Variant 1: classic
    A picture says more than 1000 words. Christmas banners with classic motifs such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gift packages, fir branches or Christmas baubles get straight to the point. This also applies to Christmas lights and fireplace motifs, which noticeably raise the room temperature. Depending on the room environment and style, you can choose between wintry, frosty nuances around snow white and ice blue or warming colour worlds from orange to brown tones. The classic variant is suitable for business and point-of-sale as well as for the private living space. A Christmas fabric banner can replace a Christmas tree if you don't have enough space in your home or don't have the time to set it up and decorate it. 

    Variant 2: emotional, playful & funny
    Animals, children, a colourful gingerbread house, playful biscuit cutters, a winking Father Christmas, a speeding Christmas car - there are motifs that immediately put a smile on our faces. And because they don't talk about a "winning smile" for nothing, this variant is particularly suitable for shop windows, sales and business premises. This way, customers and prospective customers feel welcome right from the start. You can also use it to positively enhance your own living environment. 

    Variant 3: sophisticated
    Do you like it discreet and sophisticated? Then we recommend, for example, a Christmas motif print with golden snow crystals or rococo-style ornaments.  High-quality "still lifes" such as a shiny Christmas ball in close-up or a fir branch covered with icicles also draw the eye to the essentials. With colours like gold, metallic, silver and purple, you can conjure up a festive mood in no time at all. This variation is particularly suitable for offices and business premises or for the window displays and sales rooms of luxurious goods. 

    Put up or hang up? Placing textile banners at Christmas
    Our decorative banners for Christmas each have a hemstitch at the top and bottom. In combination with a hanging and stabilising pole, our motif prints always hang smoothly. The matching poles are available from DecoWoerner in wood and aluminium. Thanks to these intelligent devices, you can easily hang or set up our Christmas fabric banners both indoors and outdoors. Especially if space is limited, we recommend hanging the Christmas banners directly on the wall.