Theme decoration

Shop window themed decorations from DecoWoerner

Here you will find themed decoration articles. They can be used variably and with a few simple steps you can create a beautiful shop window decoration. Due to the extensive assortment you have a huge choice of decoration articles. From themed areas such as carnival, Halloween, wedding, football, promotional sales, New Year's Eve, wellness/cosmetics, health to many others. For example, you can design your sales individually. With textile banners, stickers or mannequins, you can use the perfect decorative items to hang, stand or stick on and thus perfectly stage your product. Of course, it doesn't stop there, with decorative items such as masks, sequin curtains, decorative mirror balls and balloons, you can add an atmospheric touch to any party. Get your hands on them while stocks last. Decoration from DecoWoerner!


Your DecoWoerner Team!