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Autumn decorations from DecoWoerner

In the autumn decoration category, numerous natural and trendy decoration items are waiting for you, with which you can conjure up great effects and an autumnal atmosphere in no time at all. Colourful autumnal decorative objects are very much in vogue. It is often the small things that make the overall impression of a successful decoration. Here we offer a large selection of scatter material, autumnal displays, decorative fabrics or decorative objects that bring out the diversity of the third season in terms of colours and shapes.

To bring more life into your autumn decorations, we have included a special selection of amazingly real-looking forest animals in our range as a theme for your forest decorations. Various birds, small forest animals but also big game create a modern autumn decoration. These include, for example: chirping birds, decorative owls, hedgehogs and squirrels as well as moose, deer, wolves and not to forget - the decorative wild boar, which you can even order in your desired colour.

Real autumn fruits are only suitable as decoration for a limited time. Therefore, we recommend our high-quality processed food dummies, which are hardly distinguishable from the original. Here, too, you have a huge selection of decorative fruits, decorative drinks, cheese, sausages and baked goods to make your wine decorations or harvest festival decorations stand out.

In keeping with the season, of course, Oktoberfest, which provides a good-mood effect, should not be missing. To lighten the mood in your shop window and on the sales floor, pretzels and gingerbread hearts with inscriptions such as "Spatzl" or "I mog di" are perfect for Oktoberfest decoration. The Bavarian white and blue diamond patterns that dominate the Oktoberfest decorations also create a real Oktoberfest atmosphere. Whether spread out as a decorative fabric, draped as a fabric ribbon, in the form of flags, pennant chains or flags, as lanterns and fans, stuck onto the beer mug or tied as a ribbon around the Seppl hat - they are a must and have enormous recognition value.


Your DecoWoerner Team!