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Autumn decorations from DecoWoerner: naturally beautiful with fine refinements

In the third season of the year, nature once again goes full throttle before finally retiring. In the Indian summer, nature captures the last rays of the sun with its golden and orange tones. Harvest, wine and October festivals celebrate the pleasurable gifts that nature has given us. At the Oktoberfest, people sing and drink with abandon once more. Then a mystical mist settles over the scenery. As activities slowly shift from the outside to the inside, it's high time to spruce up your own four walls with some appealing autumn decorations. Create your own cosy nest, a comfortable retreat for you and your loved ones. Your customers will also be happy about a colourful cheer. Attractively designed shop windows attract all eyes and declare war on the November blues. Don't let up, is the motto. Autumn is a time of change. DecoWoerner offers you many ideas for autumn decoration that celebrates the beautiful - and also the mysterious - sides of the season. Celebrate with us!

Naturally beautiful: the must-haves for a cosy autumn decoration

A successful autumn decoration thrives on colour. Warm tones like orange, red, gold and brown dominate. They are rounded off with nuances such as dark green and dark blue to conjure up an atmospheric "Golden October" that will make the eyes of your customers and loved ones light up. The following decorative objects can serve as a creative basis for you to conjure up individual autumn landscapes:

  • artificial foliage and autumnal artificial plants from maple leaves to grapevines
  • Autumn animals of the forest such as squirrels and wild boar
  • Decorative pumpkins
  • pine cones and mushrooms
  • Rust decorative objects in different shapes
  • Scarecrows and dragons
  • Banners with autumnal motifs

Fascinating flaming colours: Autumn decorations for shop windows and shops

Turn your point-of-sale into a sea of flaming colours. Artificial foliage is the best way to add autumnal colour to large areas such as shop windows or sales areas. Whether as a scatter item or in the form of an artificial foliage panel to cover surfaces. Autumnal artificial plants such as maple vines, wheat bundles and berry branches placed in the shop window or hanging from the ceiling bring the decorative world of autumn to life at first glance. Of course, it also looks beautiful if you drape them around your displays or add a bouquet of sunflowers or a decorative orange pampas grass to the shelves. Another idea: let a few decorative kites flutter across the shop window and hang a few stylised giant decorative cones from the ceiling. Our artificial maple trees with bright red leaves reach proud dimensions of up to 240 cm and are therefore ideal for large (shop window) areas. Add to this a few decorative pumpkins and mushrooms, wooden crates and wicker baskets - it's so easy to create autumnal flair. All that's missing now is a sympathetic animal! Our large selection of decorative forest animals covers the entire spectrum.  

From the cute squirrel stand-up to the elegant snowy owl and the 160 cm tall, lifelike wild boar, we have it all. Our atmospheric autumn banners conjure up the perfect background in no time at all. Autumn park, mushroom picker, roaring deer in the forest, foggy landscape with horse - what would you like? 
Tip: Why not arrange pumpkins in a different way? For example, on an etagere, an artificial mini straw bale or a few decorative wooden trunks. Especially clever: turn a wicker basket into a bicycle basket, fill it with pumpkins and attach it to a bicycle. This shows style and creativity. This always goes down well with customers, no matter what industry they are in. 

The new trend for autumn decorations: Mystic Forest

Whether it's Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Games of Thrones: it's hard to imagine the literature, film and television scene without fantasy! The latest trend in autumn decoration is therefore Mystic Forest or Fairy Forest. It goes without saying that we exclude fearsome warriors and orcs and prefer to focus on enchanting fairies, lovely animals and a legendary forest atmosphere. In order to implement this trend, you need 3 important basics:

1. animals: they play a big role in this trend for autumn decoration. Lovely robins, cute squirrels, shy deer... Our large fibreglass animals are particularly popular. They are unbreakable, have a metallic shine and are therefore also suitable as autumn decorations for outside. They are also available in any desired colour, for example gold, pink and ice blue.

2. lights: Fairy tales are told by the fireside or by candlelight. Place fairy lights with your decoration to wrap it in a magical light. It will be magically beautiful if you turn a lamp with a lampshade into a "decorative mushroom". 3. 

3. mythical creatures such as elves, wizards, kings and princesses as hangers or stands.

4. autumn decorations made of twigs, artificial trees, mushrooms etc. The colours in this trend are more muted, greener and darker to represent the mysterious fairytale forest. 

Tip: To put this trend into practice, take a look at our Christmas decorations section. Here you will find, for example, gnomes, fairy lights and heavenly companions such as a wooden decorative sleigh that you can place in your Mystic Forest.

Create islands of well-being: autumn decorations for the home

With just a few decorative items, you can create autumnal colour accents in your home that will warm your body and soul. Autumn wreaths from DecoWoerner as well as baskets with pumpkins and pine cones placed in the entrance area create an enchanting autumn atmosphere as soon as you enter your home. Autumn arrangements with artificial autumn flowers and twigs as well as autumn bowls and candle arrangements are quick and always new. You will find cones, mushrooms, flowers, autumn leaves and co. in our assortment, which you can round off with moss and treasures you have found yourself in the forest. If there are younger children living in your household, you are guaranteed to have a few chestnut figures to hand. To make it even cosier, it's a good idea to incorporate as much wood as possible: from wooden stands and twigs to decorative branches and logs. 

Whether for the window or in the living area, whether set up, hanging or lying - with DecoWoerner you can extend your decorative autumn in all directions. 
If you dream of your own fairytale forest in the garden, we have good news for you: our unbreakable fibreglass animals are weatherproof. Your neighbours will be wide-eyed! 

Wine and Oktoberfest: celebrate with autumn decorations for outdoors and indoors

There are lots of things to celebrate at the beginning of autumn, for example wine festivals, the harvest festival or the Oktoberfest. We offer you the right autumn decorations to decorate your rooms accordingly, both in the retail trade and in the catering trade or as an event organiser. 

As wine decoration we offer you artificial vines in green, red and blue. You can arrange the deceptively real food dummies as appetising table decorations, with candles and flowers, in wicker baskets or wooden boxes. As tendrils, the plump grapes can also be hung from the ceiling or on pillars, railings and balustrades indoors and outdoors to immediately whet your appetite for a fine wine. Wine bottle and food dummies such as cheese skewers, wooden elements as well as decorative banners ranging from the friendly wine queen to the tasty still life round off the overall picture. Cheers!
Tip: If you specialise in wine from a particular region, you can round off your decorations with elements typical of the country, such as a Vespa, a mini acropolis or a flamenco dancer.

Note: DecoWoerner's deceptively real food dummies also lend themselves to the harvest festival, rounded off with artificial wheat bundles and bales of straw. Our food and crops always stay fresh and always look appetising! 

In keeping with the season, of course, Oktoberfest, which provides a good-mood effect, should not be missing. To lighten the mood in your shop window and on the sales floor, the pretzels and gingerbread hearts with inscriptions such as "Spatzl" or "I mog di" are perfect for Oktoberfest decoration. The Bavarian white and blue diamond patterns that dominate the Oktoberfest decorations also create a real Oktoberfest atmosphere. Whether spread out as decorative fabric, draped as fabric ribbons, in the form of flags, pennant chains or flags, as lanterns and fans, stuck onto the beer mug or tied as a ribbon around the Seppl hat - they are a must and have enormous recognition value. The icing on the cake, or rather the foam crown, is an appropriate decorative banner, which we have made from UV-resistant, flame-retardant flag fabric, so that you can also hang it outside and in the entrance area without worrying.