You can find spooky and unusual Halloween decorations here in our DecoWoerner online shop.


Halloween decorations where the eye can see! On the night of 31 October to 1 November they are out and about again - skeletons, vampires, spiders, witches, zombies, bats and other creepy creatures. On the "Night of Horror" they try to outdo each other in creating Halloween decorations. "Trick or treat" or "trick or treat" usually rings out to whoever dares to open the door. The creepy creatures only disappear if they are given the appropriate gift.

Originally brought to America as a folk custom by Irish immigrants, "Halloween" has been spreading in Europe since the 1990s. The creepy cult, which used to drive away the spirits of the dead on the eve of All Saints' Day, has a magical attraction, especially for children. To roam the streets at night dressed up in scary costumes and to be rewarded for it is pure adventure.

To top off this creepy effect, you will find a wide range of eerily beautiful Halloween decorations for this time in our DecoWoerner online shop. Whether it's a bat skeleton or a flying witch, a giant bird spider or a werewolf: everything is allowed that enhances the goosebumps effect! You can create a frightening Halloween decoration with the "Mystic Forest" photo print, in front of which skulls, spiders and rats meet.

Vampires are also out and about this night, surrounded by ravens, bats and spiders. A creepy nun crosses their path, accompanied by a poor skeleton with its prison clothes and anklet still dangling. The executioner has also done his work. The guillotine is still lying around, next to the severed skulls. Barbed wire, cockroaches, rusty anchor chains, the Grim Reaper, parts of skeletons or disgusting witches and, of course, pumpkins in all possible variations are perfect Halloween decorations to make the onlooker freeze with fear for good.

With Halloween decorations from DecoWoerner, you finally have the opportunity to be thoroughly frightened, to let goosebumps run down your spine, to feel your heart pounding - and to be thankful that you luckily only encounter these creatures one night a year. Set unforgettable creepy accents with your decorations!

Your DecoWoerner Team!