First day of school


Colourful school decorations for the start of school and enrolment in the DecoWoerner Online Shop.


In this themed decoration category, you will find a large selection of colourful and eye-catching items for school decorations, which of course can also be used perfectly in children's party decorations. For school decoration and especially for the start of school, the large and decorative ABC letters and numbers 1 to 3 as well as pencils, crayons and colourful wax crayons, fountain pens, set square, ruler and many other typical symbols for everyday life in primary school simply belong. Of course, sweets should not be missing either: Decorative sweets such as chocolate bars, chocolate lentils, candy canes and colourful lacquer scribbles are all part of the package. To attract more attention, some of these school decoration items are XXL-sized. Finally, the whole school decoration arrangement can be rounded off with colourful banners and prints in the background.


Your DecoWoerner Team!