Autumn decoration ideas


    Autumn decoration ideas from DecoWoerner

    In the category autumn decoration ideas you will find the latest trends of the season presented in great theme worlds. The autumn decoration packages offer a quick and inexpensive alternative to set the scene for small areas. Of course, large shop windows are also catered for. The classic colours yellow, orange and brown are getting competition. Copper harmoniously matches the fantastic autumn dreams and provides warm flairs.

    Modern autumn decorations are allowed to sparkle! Curtains and chandeliers with reflective plates, leaf tendrils and deer silhouettes in metallic trendy copper are elements of a stand-out decorating idea. Natural decorative items such as cones, twigs, branches and tree trunks should not be missing.

    Of course, the classic autumn decoration should not be missed either - dark brown tones in combination with natural decoration items with tree bark create a classic, natural autumn decoration. Combined with materials such as straw and wood as well as decorative items such as scarecrows, straw mats and cereal plants, the accent is set in the direction of a rural, natural decorating idea.


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