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Right of withdrawal - DecoWoerner, Europe's largest visual merchandising vendor

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal according to § 355 of the German Civil Code (BGB) is the right of every consumer to cancel under certain circumstances an already completed, but provisionally valid contract by giving notice of withdrawal within the statutory time constraints.


(1) Customers, who are consumers defined in the German BGB § 13, are allowed to withdraw their order within two weeks without giving any reasons or by returning the ordered goods. The withdrawal must be made in an unambiguous statement, which expresses the will to withdraw from the contract. The withdrawal is not restricted to a specific form and can be made by mail, fax, e-mail or by phone. The period commences on receipt of these regulations in writing at the earliest.

Sending the withdrawal or the goods within the time limit shall be sufficient for compliance. Please send the withdrawal notice to:

Heinrich Woerner GmbH
Liebigstr. 37
74211 Leingarten
Int. Freephone: (00 8001) 9637 637
Fax (00 8001) 9737 737

(2) Exceptions from right to withdrawal: The right to withdrawal does not apply when an article has been custom-fitted to suit the wishes of the customer.

(3) Consequences of withdrawal: In the event of a valid revocation of this agreement each party shall return to the respective other party the goods and any benefits (for example interest) received. If the customer cannot return the received goods in total or in parts or only in a worsened condition, he is obliged to pay a value compensation. This does not apply, if the degradation of the goods is based exclusively on their examination as it would have been possible for the customer for instance in a shop. In all other respects the customer can avoid the obligation for value compensation, if he does not use the goods as their own property and if he avoids everything, which impairs their value. The customer assumes the costs of the return for the delivery of goods if the delivered goods correspond to the order. Otherwise, the return shipment for the customer is free. Non-shippable goods will be collected.

The withdrawal can be made by using this form. However, it is not mandatory to use it.
You can also withdrawal by e-mail, letter, fax or telephone.

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