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Privacy policy - Data Protection - DecoWoerner, Europe's largest visual merchandising vendor

Data Protection

Personal and corporate privacy is very important to Heinrich Woerner GmbH. That is why we adhere strictly to the legal guidelines and wish to inform you on this page of our data protection guidelines.

All information at a glance

1. Collection and Use of your Personal Information

What is personal information?
“Personal information” is legally defined as “individual items of data relating to the personal or professional circumstances of a specific or specifiable natural person”. This includes, for example, the name, address, email address, or other particulars, which can be attributed to a natural person.

Use of personal information
Heinrich Woerner GmbH collects and uses personal information in accordance to the German Data Protection Act (“Bundesdatenschutzgesetz”) and the Telemedia Act (“Telemediengesetz”). We collect, save and process your personal information for the whole transaction of your purchase and possibly for later warranties, our services, technical administration or our own marketing purposes. We also collect and use data from the contact form, in order to process your enquiries.

Personal information is only transferred to third parties, when this services contractual procedures or accounting. For example, the order procedures of the service providers we use (e.g. transport companies, payment service providers, banks). This data can only be used by our service providers to fulfil its specific task. Any other use of the information is not permitted and does not take place by any of our service providers.

We will only send you a newsletter via email, if you previously decided to receive them, for instance by an active click during the purchasing procedure. Should you at any future time no longer wish to receive a newsletter from us, then you can retract this anytime. All you need to do this is send a note to our aforementioned contact address. Of course you can find a link with every newsletter with which you can cancel the newsletter subscription.

2. Cookies

Enabling cookies is not a precondition to visit our website. However, we do point out that complete use of the shop’s various functions is only possible, when you enable cookies.

Cookies are little files stored on your data medium and contain certain settings and other information which are shared with our system via your browser. There are two different kinds of cookies. Session-cookies are deleted, as soon as you close your browser, and then temporary or permanent cookies, which remain on your data medium for a longer period.

Using cookies enables us to make the navigation and use of the DecoWoerner online store as user-friendly as possible. They simplify the use of certain settings for instance, which are then saved, so you do not have to keep setting them.

3. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by “Google”. This service is based on cookies and enables us to analyse the use of our website. You can prohibit the storage of cookies in your browser’s settings.
You can find more information on Google Analytics here.

4. Social Plug-Ins

You can find the following social media plug-ins on our website
- The “Like” button from Facebook
- The “+1” button from Google+(Google Plus)
- The “Tweet” button from Twitter

We use the “2 click-system” for better data protection on our website. Usually, simply by loading the page of social plug-ins (e.g. Facebook “Like” button) data is transferred to social networks, for instance to Facebook - and completely without the user being involved in the process. This data contains an identifier besides the URL of the current page, which is directly connected to a registered user there. Hence, Facebook & co can set-up complete surfing profiles of their users.

To prevent this, we use the “2 click-system” in our online shop. The principle is simple. We embed deactivated buttons on the pages, which do not connect with social network servers. There is only a connection to Facebook, Google or Twitter when the user enables these with a first click. The user can transmit his/her recommendation with a second click.

5. Secure Transmission of Data

Your personal information is transmitted by us via a secure encryption. This applies to the log-in as well as your order. We use the encoding system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Nobody can guarantee absolute security, but we do secure our online shop and all related systems by various measures against abuse and damage.

6. Right to Access Information

In line with the German Data Protection Act, our clients are entitled to free of charge access to all stored information on themselves, as well as, the right to have data corrected, blocked or deleted, if necessary.

Data Controller:
Heinrich Woerner Gmbh, Liebigstraße 37, 74211 Leingarten, Germany is responsible for the collection and processing of personal information. If you have any questions about our website please write to

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