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Heinrich Woerner GmbH - Europe's largest visual merchandising vendor


We are committed to a business conduct that is based on a balanced product portfolio and integrating sustainable, profitable and expanding activities. At the same time, we never lose focus of our management responsibilities.

Global & Fair - The “Woerner Sustainability Concept”

Sustainable development is based on the following three pillars: Ecology, economy and social responsibility. Balancing these three pillars will lead to a fair and lasting future while conserving resources.

Woerner’s "Sustainability policy" is a commitment to integrating important social and ecological aspects, such as health, security and environmental protection, so that the company can fulfill principal parts of a sustainable development. At the same time, we encourage our suppliers and customers to pursue sustainable development as well.


  • protection of animals - no fur/no genuine leather
  • recycling of packaging
  • we choose the shortest routes of transportation, whenever possible
  • we manage our logistics and delivery system efficiently
  • we make sure to be energy-efficient (for example by optimising our heating costs)
  • we separate waste
  • we utilise digital media in order to reduce consumption of paper and toner

Social responsibility

  • we constantly communicate with our suppliers
  • we strive to maintain a good work-life balance by offering flexible working hours
  • we are committed to flat hierarchies and to foster regular personal contact between employees and management
  • we provide training for young people for future-proof jobs
  • we apply equal opportunities: Female executives
  • we support teamwork and assign responsibilities to the teams (teams are involved in the decision-making process)
  • we continuously offer advanced training to our employees


  • see above: we manage our logistics and delivery system efficiently
  • efficient controlling instruments
  • in-house quality assurance by applying our specially developed "Woerner-Q-Standard"

Corporate philosophy

Our company is Europe’s leading mail-order business for visual merchandising, offering unique sales experiences and contributing to significant turnover in the retail sectors.

We conduct business on ethical principles, based on a well-balanced portfolio of sustainable, profitable and growing activities, emphasizing good management principles.

Our Visions

  • We continuously aim to create added value for our customers and employees by supplying innovative and responsible products and services in the field of visual merchandising.
  • We follow our quality goal: Total customer satisfaction, by using the "Woerner-Q-Standard" in all processes.
  • We identify market prospects and trends at an early stage and develop suitable products and services.
  • We have clear organisational structures that support personal responsibility and utilise the potential of our employees and teams by offering challenging tasks.
  • We ensure that our employees can fully develop their skills and encourage them to actively contribute to our corporate success by taking on responsibility.
  • We act as a responsible member of the community and are committed to the protection of health, security and the environment. We strengthen our position with our steady network of partners and suppliers that have been carefully selected.
  • We maintain close contact to our customers throughout Europe.

Our Values

  • Customer focus
  • Ethical conduct
  • Respect
  • Delegating responsibilities
  • Teamwork
  • Protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • Responsible management principles

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