Flame retardant fabric banner "refreshing strawberries" made of flag fabric 100 x 200 cm

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  • Item number 71992600

Strawberry Passion: The red berries stand for passionate enjoyment and invigorating taste. They are the fruit of lovers and also a local superfood that heralds early summer. Our textile banner arranges the juicy strawberries in a romantic and rustic way. In the background, the collected berries are stacked in a metal bucket, in the middle in open glass bottles to create summery drinks with mint and ice cubes. A beautiful tablecloth with small strawberry motifs is draped around the scenario. A lovely motif in red and white colour harmony.

Motif prints with strawberries in rich, appetising colours

The incomparable strawberry red comes out particularly rich and beautiful on the high-quality print of our decorative long sheets. Further advantages: Our motif prints are UV-resistant or lightfast, flame retardant and B1 certified. They are ideal for decorative use indoors and outdoors. Use the irresistible appeal of these special berries to attract attention.

Wrinkle-free strawberry fabric banner that catches the eye

Featuring two hemstitches and combined with a hanging and stabilising pole, a wrinkle-free, even drape is achieved. Matching poles for this textile poster are available from DecoWoerner in wood and aluminium. The signal colour red plus the visual tickle of taste provide you with valuable services in shop windows and points of sale, in foyers and entrance areas, as well as at trade fairs and events. Office spaces also benefit from this vitamin-rich, delicious eye-catcher - you can also beautifully design your own four walls with this wall hanging "to bite into". Especially suitable for country house style properties.


Textile fabric printed on one side (110 g/m²) in flame-retardant quality - fire protection class DIN 4102-1. Incl. hanging strip as well as stabilising rod on the bottom hem for quick, crease-free decorating.