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Winter decoration from DecoWoerner, your specialist for decoration and shop interior

The winter decorative themes for this season revolve around the magic of the cold time of year. The freezing cold and early darkness pale in light of wintry sports activities and exciting encounters. The whole variety and magic of the frosty months come to life in imaginative scenarios. The winter decoration articles from DecoWoerner can help to create magnificent, fascinating and cheerful winter scenes, which take your customers on a visual winter holiday. Decorative icicles, snowflakes and snowballs, frosty decorative branches, decorative ice stars, decorative snow vines, decorative ice crystals and decorative crystal chandeliers embody the dream of the white winter wonder-world. All the symbols for frost and coldness are used to create an impressive winter ambience. Decorative ice caves, decorative après ski bars, decorative winter forests or decorative winter lakes combine clear, cold white with cool blue and bring out the magic of winter in all its glory and elegance. This season, all kinds of decorative winter animals make their big appearance. You can see decorative deer or decorative rabbits here and there, but the real decorative winter animals show themselves more often. Of course, the decorative moose trudges through the winter woods, a decorative arctic fox and decorative snowy owl are also present. The decorative polar bears and penguins feel right at home in the arctic cold. They can be used to decorate fun and appealing scenes. Decorative polar bears play ice hockey or go snowboarding, family reunion of the decorative penguins on the ice floe or an evening rendezvous of decorative eagle owls, owl decoration and decorative reindeer. Winter makes everything possible. Antique decorative skis, skates or snowshoes resurrect the flair of past sporting times. Also a sleigh ride is part of the Winter fun. The decorative nostalgic carriages, decorative faux skins, decorative snowballs and scatter snow turn every storefront into an unforgettable winter fairytale. Quaint figures as the decorative hobgoblin or XXL moose in winter clothes give the story a touch of adventure. Finally, the snowman has reclaimed the place it deserves. Either sophisticated with a ribbon or rustic with a red nose, scarf and broom. And with some luck, the legendary decorative Yeti might make an appearance.

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